In Hetalia what are the signature weapons of every character?

I realize china carries a wok and such but what about the other nations?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Lets see,


    North Italy - white flag (he carries around a white flag to surrender but really no weapon)

    Germany - A gun; like a small pistol or handgun (in the WWI & WWII saga its rather small)

    Japan - A Katana (is a sword)


    America - he doesn't use a weapon usually in the American revolution saga he has a musket but he's more likely to carry around a hamburger and soda

    England - same as america he really doesn't have a weapon; other than if you feel like counting his black magic (they use a book in the anime and manga) also when they display pirate England he has a sword; but during the american revolution saga he also has a musket different from america's

    France - A fencing sword though you're more likely to encounter the character with a rose/roses or wine; but a fencing sword is his weapon (he knows how to use it better than any other country)

    Russia - a bloody pipe; (no joke) it has a L sort of shape with a tap on the end (after the author stated that Russia's hobby was taking apart pipes systems)

    Other popular characters

    South Italy - like his brother he really doesn't have a weapon; but he has a bad mouth and depends on Spain.

    Spain - An axe like a double handed long pole axe and sometimes tomatoes (you first see him with it during the 100 years war episodes; but after that you really don't see a weapon much tomatoes are also claimed spain's weapon by some fan-girls)

    Hungary - She's got a good old fashion frying pan (you see through out the series)

    Austria - He's signature weapon is like that stick that you beat horses with that make them go faster (you only see it in one scene; and I am sorry I do not know that name of that thingie)

    Prussia - a sword; like a medieval knight's sword

    Ukraine - A pitch fork (it represents the fact that she works on the farm a lot)

    Belarus - A small almost dagger like knife

    Canada - A hockey stick (its not mentioned in the anime though)

    Switzerland - He carries around a gun like a two handed gun

    Egypt - He has a stick/staff (you see him hit Italy with in one of the first episodes)

    Vietnam - A rice paddle (I do not know why)

    Grampa Rome (Ancient Rome) - He has a sword like what they used in Rome

    Germania - Same as Rome a sword

    Turkey - He carries around a sword that is slightly curved

    Greece - a cross almost stick thingly like + but longer (though you don't see it or only once or twice but he doesn't use it)

    Holy Roman Empire - he fights with a sword similar to France's

    Seychelles - a blue fish (though it is more of a half joking weapon than an actually one used by her)

    Cuba - he doesn't have a weapon but he uses his fists

    Australia - he doesn't have a weapon though some fan-girls believe that his koala is his weapon

    What I can say is that for the 5 Nordics I haven't seen/heard of weapons for them; Hong Kong, Thailand, and North and South Korea don't have weapons;

    The three Micronations Sealand, Seborga and Wy don't have weapons. (in one scene Wy attacks with her fists)

    Furthermore to cover all the countries Monaco doesn't have a weapon (but she holds a poker card often) Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Netherlands(he appears to be scary though) Belgium and Liechtenstein do not have weapons;

    Anyway I hope that this is enough to answer your question. I tried to cover all the countries from the manga and anime; if you need anything or anyone else just edit your question and I shoot another reply.

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    5 years ago

    I believe France uses a rapier of some kind.

    I can imagine America with an assault rifle or something though. Along with hand pistols and/or whip from his cowboy days :D

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    7 years ago

    The Nordics are a fun bunch of weapons. Denmark has a large battle axe. Sweden has a staff that is as tall as him. Iceland has a sturdy pole that has a blade on the end. Norway has a troll buddy, but he also fights with a broadsword. Finland fights with a metal staff that has a spike on top.

    If Italy has to fight, it is said that he will take the white flag off of its pole and use the pole to fight.

    Romano is rumored to use a shotgun or sniper rifle.

    America uses a SMG or pistol.

    England uses black magic and still uses a pirate sword, but will use a pistol from time to time.

    France will use a lightweight sword similar to a fencing sword, but this one is sharp and deadly. He also has "sexy Pierre calvary attack". In other words, his annoying bird.

    Hong Kong uses explosives, mainly grenades. He is the bomb trap guy.

    Switzerland fights with a modern rifle.

    Canada is rumored by fan girls everywhere to have a stealth rifle.

    I hope this helps! ^.^

    Source(s): My super awesome friends.
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