Will this laptop run the Sims 3 + its expansion packs?

Recently, i found out that my current laptop wont be able to run it. Well, its a really old pice of junk so i thought i should get a new one. But since im not very tech savvy, i was wondering if the new one i wanted could run sims 3 and most of its expansions packs (no stuff packs) with some custom content. Here is a link to the one im interested in:


Will it run it atleast decently on medium graphic settings? By decently i mean very little lag to no lag at all. And if not, could you suggest a laptop/desktop between the price range of $400-$1000 that would work? Thanks (:

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Yes this should run it on medium to high settings seeing that this is a gaming laptop.

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