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Vice ganda apologize to Jessica Soho, your reaction?

Jessica Soho is a host anchor at channel 7 if none of you knew her here. I had seen the footage of vice ganda apology to jessica on the news concerning his recently concluded concert(i-vice ganda mo ako), parang ginawang katatawanan ang hitsura ni jessica dun I bet. I never seen the concert nor would buy a ticket just to watch vice. I am NOT a fan of vice ganda. kasi nga sobrang taba ni jessica. kasi this is the first time on tv and silver screen that a gay penetrated the movie and tv industry while way back in the 50's and 60's walang bakla talaga sa entertainment industry meron pero hindi sila naging instant celebrity. I do not like the jokes of vice parang sa tabi-tabi lang corner store jokes, and he always make fun of people physical feature like kung pango ang ilong mo gagawin ka niyang katatawanan in front of the whole audience, or pangit ang hitsura mo. As if he is bless with such beautiful face. toilet humor ang kay vice sorry if i hurt the fans of vice here. just speaking through what i see. kung sincere si vice talaga to settle the issue I suggest to him to go to channel 7 and personally apologize to jessica. That would show the true intention of vice isn't it? But i doubt if vice can or would do that. i think he should mellow down and know his limitation as a comedian hindi lahat ng tao matatawa sa kanya. siya iyong comedian gusto every 21 seconds magpapatawa on stage kahit ano na lang. nakakasawa na rin ang show nilang "its showtime" I think the management should axe this one and change a new and innovated program and people. kasi parang sila na lang lagi ang nagiging bida bigyan naman nila ng trabaho ang ibang nasa industria ng show business. kaya nga business eh every should have an equal share of the loot or fame. hindi puro sila na lang lagi. agree or disagree? my question about law and jobs were deleted and personally i know who done it(an evil person), i will appeal the deletion but it is unavailable at the moment so therefore i will test if this question will be deleted once more. thanks2all.

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    He's using bad jokes for fame. See? He's in the news for it and for the rest of the week or 2.

    Isipin nyo nalang na wala syang gagamiting ibang tao o kutyain, matatawa ka ba sa joke nya? I think hindi...

    Dati naaaliw pa ako sa kanya pero ngayon kung nakikita ko sya sa tv ay nililipat ko na.

  • 8 years ago

    Vice Ganda is that sort of stand up comedian entertainer. You can't crack a joke about someone or something unknown. And the material is thoroughly written with regards to the show and the audience.

    Jessica Soho is a news personality where fairness, impartiality, and, if you may, purity is the name of the game. She is "respetado" in the news gathering circle. And, thus, she is seen as "respetado" to the whole world. And attacking a "respected" personality is a crime to her followers.

    Celebrity to a fellow celeb. You're only as good as your reputation and your rep is your money maker.

    Vice's apology is a public apology. It's better that way in which he has shown remorse to all.

  • 8 years ago

    My reaction - its good they already made up.

    Now, i hope jessica quits being a news reporter because i think she is an eyesore. I would rather see a pretty young girl on tv rather than an overweight ugly hag. I also hope vice ganda would quit showbiz because he is another eyesore. People who like vice ganda are probably the same people who voted for binay, poe and other disgraceful senators whom other countries are laughing at right now. Thats the majority pf the Filipino voting population which i think is a tradgedy.

  • 8 years ago

    Well im glad he apologized to Jessica. Vice said Jessica already accepted his apology. so lets stop talking about him and move on.

    Im not a gossiper and do not like gossips but i heard it over and over on the news so thats why i know it. People over reacted though.

  • 8 years ago

    i dont find his jokes to be funny but people like him

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


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