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7.他們對防火知識由有零變一, 有一變二



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    7 years ago
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    中文翻釋英文1.我平時有做開義工,校外.校內都有,但參與校外的義工比教多。I have been doing volunteer work both on and off campus. But my involvement in off campus volunteer work is more.

    2.弱能人士 people with disability

    3.帶領遊戲 facilitating games

    4.消防局 fire station

    5.指導小朋友 guiding children

    6.他們學習到防火知識 They learn the knowledge about fire prevention.

    7.他們對防火知識由有零變一, 有一變二Their knowledge in fire prevention grows progressively.

    8.他們玩的過程中學到知識 As they play, they acquire knowledge.

    9.個種喜悅感覺不錯That kind of pleasure makes people feel good.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    1 I have been a volunteer for a long time inside and outside of my school, yet the proportion of my volunteering is more focused outside of the school.2. People with disability.3. Leadership games.4. Fire station.5. Guiding children.6. They can learn the knowledge pertaining to fire prevention.7. They will be able to acquire knowledge regarding fire prevention more and more as time goes by.8. They will be able to learn the knowledge through the process of playing games.9. The feeling of being delighted is really good.

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  • 7 years ago

    1. I have always been a volunteer at and outside my school. But overall, I volunteer outside my school more.

    2. The physically-disabled

    3. Lead the game

    4. Fire station

    5. Guide the children

    6. They learned something about preventing fire.

    7. Their knowledge of fire prevention becomes more comprehensive as it builds on.

    8. They learned while they were playing.

    9. I could feel that joy and it is great.

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  • 7 years ago

    1- I volunteer on a regular basis, both in and out of school, but I have more volunteer involvement outside of school.

    2- people with disability

    3- leading games

    4- fire station

    5- guiding children

    6- they learned about fire prevention (or they acquired knowledge about fire prevention)

    7- their knowledge in fire prevention have grown more and more

    8- they have acquired the knowledge through games in a fun environment

    9- that feeling of happiness and pleasure is a pretty good feeling

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