the parents of Elizabeth j. Morris, born 1833 in Alabama are who?

I don't know alot about her, she was to have married a G.T. Ward,( Gregory Thomas). She died in Texas

in /around I believe 1872.

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    There are a few Elizabeth Morris' born in Alabama 1830-1939 with a few spelling variations. Some would mean Morris was a prior married name, not a maiden name. I'll just show the ones where Morris is a maiden name.

    This looks like it could be her in 1850 census

    Name: Elizabeth Morris

    Event Place: Fayette county, Fayette, Alabama, United States

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Birthplace: Alabama

    Birth Year (Estimated): 1832

    Household Gender Age Birthplace

    James Morris M 49 North Carolina

    Clerisey Morris F 48 North Carolina

    Eliza E Morris F 25 Alabama

    Celita J Morris F 22 Alabama

    Elizabeth Morris F 18 Alabama

    Timothy Morris M 14 Alabama

    Caroline Morris F 12 Alabama

    Richmond Morris M 10 Alabama

    Joshua Morris M 6 Alabama

    Henery Morris M 3 Alabama

    This one from 1870 census, you can't tell if Morris is married or maiden name:

    Name: Elizabeth Morris

    Birth Year (Estimated): 1831

    Gender: Female

    Age (Original): 39y

    Race: White

    Birthplace: Alabama

    Event Place: Kentucky, United States

    Household Gender Age Birthplace

    Elizabeth Morris F 39y Alabama

    May C Govern F 16y Tennessee

    John W Govern M 14y Tennessee

    Sarah E Govern F 7y Tennessee

    Joe Morris M 7m Tennessee

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    So before you go searching for parents of this lady you need to research her a little more............... first is to look for the marriage that way you may find her parents listed, but you say " was to have married", do you mean she didn't marry him?

    How do you know she was born in Alabama, as I can find no Elizabeth j. Morris born in the 1830s in Alabama ( not saying there isn't any, just I can't find any)................

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