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CHRISTIANS: Why do you believe in church and the bible?

The church proclaims false teachings, and nitpick from a book that literally has over 14,800 mistranslations and misinterpretations that were deliberately made. Plus [(most) Christians] are the most judgmental people I've ever met in my opinion. God says to love thy neighbor, but they obviously can't do just that. Like gays. God said no such thing about homosexuality being a sin. There are even a few gay couples in the bible who were made a life-long couple by God. You Christians use circular logic to protect a book that most of you don't even abide by -

"How is the Bible true?"

"The Bible says so."

"But why believe the Bible?

"Because the Bible is infallible"

"But how do you know it's infallible?"

"Because it's the word of God."

"But how can you be sure it's the word of


"The Bible says so"

So try answering me without Bible verses, or circular logic, and tell me EXACTLY how you "KNOW" it's true.

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    Lmfao @Olivia... Typical Christian behavior. I don't know the answer so I will vent my anger on the asking te question.

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    I'm a Christian, but I don't particularly believe in church or in the Bible.

    Churches are, at their best, instruments of God's will in the world. They can and do help people (Christians and non-Christians) in many ways. But any church and any denomination, like any other human institution, runs the risk of forgetting its purpose and dedicating itself to its own self-perpetuation, or focusing on its own internal politics. I have had to walk away from such a church, and it was a rough experience for me--but I would do it again in a similar situation.

    The Bible is a useful collection of writings, as long as we remember what it is: selections from about a thousand years of debate about what God must be like, IF God is assumed to be the basis of morality instead of just a superhuman who throws his weight around. Quite a few of the early parts were written before their writers had figured out that was the main problem. Quite a few of the later parts were written specifically to criticize the earlier ones.

    It's not a manifesto; it's a long argument. Anyone who mistakes it for a manifesto is likely to focus on bits from the losing side of that argument. And anyone who worships the Bible is going to wind up worshiping some interpretation of the Bible--probably one selected because it's a whole lot more convenient, and provides excuses for ignoring God.

    It's "the word of God" in the sense that it's the selected best samples of writing ("the word") about a particular concept of God. It can hardly be infallible when it contains so many parts that argue against other parts.

    I doubt you can justify your assertions, though. 14,800 deliberate mistranslations and misinterpretations? I'm sure you can find websites that claim that, but the Internet is hardly infallible, either.

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    "So try answering me without Bible verses, or circular logic, and tell me EXACTLY how you "KNOW" it's true." The answer is simple - Faith.

    I'm comfortable with that.

    Edit: most of your information in your question is wrong, by the way. The only thing that has a legitimate gripe is the judgemental nature of SOME Christians. The rest is just false, but I have neither the time nor the inclination to go into the specifics here on Y!A

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    I find this question quite insightful. After growing up christian and spending much time reading the bible I find myself against and sometimes disgusted by the bible in my adult years. Although I do not share their beliefs, I have met some very wonderful Christians. However, I find it a trend that many do answer questions in debates and questions about religion in the ways stated above. I think it's undeniable that some claim to be "religious" even if they don't understand the bible or their religion. It seems some turn to faith as a safety just in case God is real.

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    1)The Bible's description of God is consistent with the Kalam, Design, and Moral arguments for God's existence.

    2)The Bible has been corroborated by ancient secular writers Josephus and Thallus.

    3)The Bible doesn't contradict historical events, and has actually been used archaeologically to locate ancient societies.

    Source(s): Christian Philosopher
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    Have you ever read the Bible. I encourage you to just read one of the Gospels. Or Revelation. Don't take all your points from what society told you. Read the Bible before you make false

    accusations against it. That's foolish.

    I am sorry you feel Christians are the most judgmental people you have ever met. There are people who claim to be "saved", but misrepresent Christ by being hateful. These people are wrong to hate. You are correct, Jesus told us to love our neighbor. I have a daughter. I love her with all my heart. It would actually be unloving of me to allow her to drink Clorox. She would get sick and die. By me telling you that unless you repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ you will burn in hell, I am not being judgmental. It is God's love loving you, calling you. May he soften your heart and heal your pain.

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    I don't know that it's true, but I believe it to be true because I choose to place my faith in God's explanation (His Word) of what I have seen and experienced in the world. His answers and explanations satisfy my own personal observations of the physical and moral state of mankind and of what goes on in the world every day.

    I don't have any proof, I only have my faith....and I thank the Creator of the Universe that that is what he requires for me to be saved!

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    from the way you put the questions ! I bet your muslim ! if I am wrong hey ho, but at least Christians who believe in god and read the good book, do not do things like, stone women to death for refusing to marry, say their uncle, or for holding a boys hand, or have their noses and ears cut off for refusing to have sex with someone they were given to, I am glad these things are not in my bible and not put forward by my preachers as the right way to live, but as in all walks of life there are fools who are easily led by bigger fools and who believe there will be 100s of virgins waiting for them with allah, my god makes no such false promises only that I may join him if I am chosen, we all have our own beliefs , you yours, me mine, I am glad I am a Christian, MAY YOUR GOD GO WITH YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Boy man are you in the dark about scripture (Gods's word)...come into the light and the truth shall be revealed.....Jesus loves you.

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    I see it in nature and people and I have faith.

    And you clearly don't even know what it says...should you be arguing a point that you have no basis for?

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    Faith is what makes me believe. This is the most important thing. =)

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