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Are pitbulls safe around newborn babies?

My brother is about to have his first child, which will be his wifes third. They have a 4 year old male pitbull that is so loving, and sweet. Not at all aggressive, not trained to be anything other than a member of the family. No "Alpha" attitude at all. No attack/aggression history in the dogs "family history" from what I know. However, as far as I know, he has just never been around babies (youngest child in the family then was maybe 6 or 7 when he came into the picture). Now, this dog is a lover, and NEEDS to give kisses. Due to the shape/structure of his jaw, once in a while, he may slightly nip you with a single tooth while cleaning your face. No biting, just continuous, fat tongued, dog cleaning lol He's also a jumper. If you won't bring the kisses to him, he'll bring the kisses to you. This dog is mostly muscle, so when he jumps, it's quite a bit of force coming at you. I'm just worried that a baby may not be ready for this guy, but he ain't ready to wait for kisses from the baby. Is the strength of the dog manageable against the curiosity of needing to smell everything about the baby?

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    A dog doesn't have to be aggressive to cause harm to a child...

    Newborn babies?

    Keep the dog away.

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    No dog is safe to be around newborns. Not just because of the chance of a attack, but the chance of stepping on the child, licking it to the point where it looses it's breath.. Which is very easy to do with a newborn. The slightest breath to the face causes a newborn to hold it's breath. At the time I had both of my kids, I had three dogs. Each one of them, were introduced seperately to the babies while I was holding them and I didn't let them get to close to the babies face. I would let them sniff their feet or legs. The dog should never be alone with the child, not even for a split second.. A lot can happen in a second. Also, the dog doesn't have to be aggressive to snap and injure a child. Majority of the time the families of dog attack victims always say, they would have never guessed it.. Their dog was such a sweet dog. Babies can be very intimidating to dogs when brought into their home. They don't know what they are, their screaming, whining, crying... They need to be careful and watch the two of them together at all times.

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    Yes, the dog poses a threat to the baby but only because it sounds like this guy needs help polishing up his manners. ANY dog can cause harm to a small child or even an adult when the dog has not been taught appropriate manners.

    Encourage your brother to take his dog to some obedience classes to help him get the dog's excited happiness under control. Encourage him to expose the dog to young children by letting him hear sounds they make and maybe let him play with some friends' kids once your brother is able to control him better.

    This dog sounds like a wonderful family companion and, other than being too excitable at times, I think he will do very well as a child's companion. No matter how good the dog and well behaved the child they should never be left alone anyhow.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Are pitbulls safe around newborn babies?

    My brother is about to have his first child, which will be his wifes third. They have a 4 year old male pitbull that is so loving, and sweet. Not at all aggressive, not trained to be anything other than a member of the family. No "Alpha" attitude at all. No attack/aggression history in...

    Source(s): pitbulls safe newborn babies: https://shortly.im/7Ba10
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    No dog is safe alone with a newborn baby. End of story. Doesn't matter what breed.

    Parents should always be present and AWARE while the dog is in the room or interacting with the baby.

    They need to train him not to jump. And to listen to a 'leave it' command to back off from baby (or anything else they want the dog to leave alone)

    But just because the dog is a pit bull doesn't mean he's more dangerous to the baby than a lab or a German shepherd.

    @krishma: ANY dog wouldn't know how to react to a newborn baby. They don't understand right away that the crying thing that smells like poop is a HUMAN. You NEVER allow ANY DOG near a newborn.

    Those cases you posted could have been any breed of dog. I'm sure it does happen with any breed of medium to large breed dog. but do you know why we don't hear about it? Because Pit Bull stories GET RATINGS. That's right. The media doesn't care that a baby was torn apart by a dog. they only care if the dog was or looks like a pit bull.

    I only watched the second video. and not the whole video. but Animal care and control said the dog was aggressive with them. OF COURSE IT WOULD BE.

    Strange humans coming into its home who are obviously afraid of it because they heard it killed a baby. Brandishing catch poles likely, and trying to put something around its neck.

    Even the calmest dog would react aggressively if strangers approached them with that behavior and attitude.


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  • 7 years ago

    Although he may be a very loving dog, NO dog of ANY breed should be trusted around children. I have a staf mix myself, who is a bit iffy with kids - but she knows to keep her distance.

    I'd keep him well away.

    Ignore @Kuben, a well known pit hater on this site. Dogs don't just attack "out of the blue", they have to be provoked in some way, but nonetheless it's better to be safe than sorry.

    At the end of the day, he's a dog: he doesn't know the difference between a baby and chew toy.

    Source(s): Pit bull advocate.
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  • Tell your brother to do massive research on how to introduce a dog to a baby. I don't know much about this topic but I would think that it would be safe to separate the dog from the baby by a baby gate and let the dog smell the baby through the gate. And the dog should never be allowed to be around the baby while unsupervised. That goes for any breed of dog with a baby or small child.

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  • 5 years ago

    I think that the question needs to be asked: Is the dog's place in the family or the safety of a defenseless child more important? I have been a pet owner all my life and understand the place in our hearts that our pets weasel their way into. But I also have seen and heard first hand the devastation wreaked upon parents who have lost their child or dealt with permanent disfigurement as a result of a family pet. I agree that singling out pit bulls is ridiculous. But I firmly believe that although the decision must be based on the old conundrum: If the boat was sinking and you could only save one person, who would it be? The safety of the child should supersede all other concerns, and in one second, a tender loving pet may actually act on its instincts...and cause irreversible harm.

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  • Regardless of breed, NO dog should be left unsupervised with a child of any age. Over 60% of reported bites occur with children under 15 years old. Tell your brother that he needs to do some heavy research on introducing dogs to newborns. Unfortunately I can't personally offer much advice, but if he has to, he should also consult a professional trainer/behaviorist.

    Source(s): Proud American Pit Bull Terrier Owner
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  • 5 years ago

    recommended to have a break stick available to force release of bite. you can use tent pegs. this is recommended by the aspca. generally the owner of an attacking dog is not held responsible so to that extent you are safe from being responsible. sudden unprovoked attacks usually are reported with comments like never saw it coming, sweet dog, and so on. so the community is on your side to have your newborn in a mcnugget suit ready for the dog to take its scalp off.

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