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Did joan of arc lie about her gender?

I'm doing a debate on Women lying and manipulating people to achieve happiness and I have to prove it's necessity. I wanted to show an example where a woman lying and manipulating others lead to an positive outcome. Can anyone help? do you know any other examples? thanks!

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    no. she made no secret of the fact that she was a girl. she cut her hair short and wore men's clothing, but she was always known as Joan, or The Maid, never as a man.

    however, there were other women who did disguise themselves as men in order to do things they might not have been allowed to do otherwise. A number of women are known to have disguised themselves as men in order to fight in wars, like Deborah Sampson Gannet in the American Revolutionary War for example, and Sarah Emma Edmonds in the American Civil War. And there is the strange case of Doctor James Miranda Barry, who was a doctor, and whose female gender was only discovered after her death..

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    Joan of Arc never lied about her gender everyone knew she was a woman. There had been a long running rumor that a maid could come along and led France to freedom and she fit the prophecy.

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