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Why do you blame the USA for the North Korea problems?

To be blunt, I'm an American, and I am tired of everyone blaming us for everything that goes wrong in the world. I could bring up plenty of things we are blamed for but I will stick to the most recent one. North Korea. They say we are bullies and we are the ones pushing for a fight. Let me enlighten you, tell you the facts, unbiased. I'm not here for an ****-talking match, just a discussion so if you disagree please reply, this is meant to be an honest education discussion.

So, first let us talk what started it. We all know that after North Korea tested their 3rd nuclear test sanctions were placed on North Korea, and this is the event that triggered NK's threats. A lot of people blame this on the USA, but how is this our fault? These sanctions did not come out of nowhere, they were the 3rd set of sanctions and North Korea was very well aware of what would happen if they kept developing nuclear weapons. The warnings and sanctions were not US sanctions, they were sanctions imposed by the United Nations after they unanimously voted for them. There are only 4 countries on this planet that are not members of the UN, so technically the entire world is responsible for these sanctions. Among the UN there are 5 permanent members with the power to veto any decision. China, North Korea's only ally worth talking about, is one of those 5 with the power of veto. So China could have stopped them and they didn't. So while the USA may have been at the forefront, enforcing the sanctions, there is no denying that every single country on this planet deserves the blame. NK refused to cooperate with the UN, they knew what would happen, they did it anyways and got pissed of when they were "punished", there was no other cause.

Another thing people complained about was the USA military deployment to the region. This was for 2 reasons. The first reason was the joint military drills. Every single year at the exact same time the USA and South Korean military perform drills called, "Foal Eagle". As I said, they take place every year. With or without the North Korean conflict, they would have happened. We did do something out of the norm when the B-2s were sent, but other than that, everything was normal, we even toned them down. As we said, when they ended a lot of the military equipment was pulled out.

The other reason we did it was because, incase you did not notice, North Korea threatened to nuke our allies and us. After the threat we moved anti-missile defense systems and placed them in various places, among our allies countries. This was completely justified, we had every right in the world to place defensive weapons. We also, moved carrier strike groups to the region, as a deterrent. I assure you that US naval carrier strike group is a far better deterrent than any amount of NK missile. The fact that we didn't attack proves they were there for defensive reasons.

It is true that NK asked for talks and that we refused them. You have to understand that North Korea has a history of causing an issue, ramping up tensions and then asking for peace talks. They do this attempting to receive aid in one source or another. We denied the talks because it has proven to be useless. Our terms were an agreement to abolish their nuclear program. You might say it isn't fair for us to have nukes but the only justification needed is the fact that they threatened to use them. They are unstable, and in 2010 they proved that they were capable of attacking South Korea for absolutely no reason. They hit SK with a missle, and neither SK or the USA retaliated. The world is a better place if NK doesn't have nukes.

Lastly, people have said we did not attack NK because we are scared of China. China played a role in the way we dealt with NK but fear was not one of them. We simply wanted to find a peaceful solution, so to say that we were scared of China has got to be one of the stupidest things anyone has ever said. We are far from scared of China, and no they would not "crush"us in a war because of North Korea. You obviously do not understand how the US and China relationship works. You are talking about 2 countries that would collapse without the other. It will be a very very very long time before the USA and China go to war, for any reason. It just wont happen....especially over North Korea

So please before you start talking about something please be sure that you actually know what u you are talking about. Biased opinions are as useful as a bag full of air.

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    Since the end of the Korean War 60 years ago, the government of North Korea has repeatedly put forward virtually the same four proposals to the United States. They are:

    1. A peace treaty to end the Korean War.

    2. The reunification of Korea, which has been “temporarily” divided into North and South since 1945.

    3. An end to the U.S. occupation of South Korea and a discontinuation of annual month-long U.S-South Korean war games.

    4. Bilateral talks between Washington and Pyongyang to end tensions on the Korean peninsula.

    1. The U.S. refuses to sign a peace treaty to end the Korean War. It has only agreed to an armistice. An armistice is a temporary cessation of fighting by mutual consent. The armistice signed July 27, 1953, was supposed to transform into a peace treaty when “a final peaceful settlement is achieved.” The lack of a treaty means war could resume at any moment. North Korea does not want a war with the U.S., history’s most powerful military state. It wants a peace treaty.

    2. Two Koreas exist as the product of an agreement between the USSR (which bordered Korea and helped to liberate the northern part of country from Japan in World War II) and the U.S., which occupied the southern half. Although socialism prevailed in the north and capitalism in the south, it was not to be a permanent split. The two big powers were to withdraw after a couple of years, allowing the country to reunify. Russia did so; the U.S. didn’t. Then came the devastating three-year war in 1950. Since then, North Korea has made several different proposals to end the separation that has lasted since 1945. The most recent proposal, I believe, is “one country two systems.” This means that while both halves unify, the south remains capitalist and the north remains socialist. It will be difficult but not impossible. Washington does not want this. It seeks the whole peninsula, bringing its military apparatus directly to the border with China, and Russia as well.

    3. Washington has kept between 25,000 and over 40,000 troops in South Korea since the end of the war. They remain — along with America’s fleets, nuclear bomber bases and troop installations in close proximity to the peninsula — a reminder of two things. One is that “We can crush the north.” The other is “We own South Korea.” Pyongyang sees it that way — all the more so since President Obama decided to “pivot” to Asia. While the pivot contains an economic and trade aspect, its primary purpose is to increase America’s already substantial military power in the region in order to intensify the threat to China and North Korea.

    4. The Korean War was basically a conflict between the DPRK and the U.S. That is, while a number of UN countries fought in the war, the U.S. was in charge, dominated the fighting against North Korea and was responsible for the deaths of millions of Koreans north of the 38th parallel dividing line. It is entirely logical that Pyongyang seeks talks directly with Washington to resolve differences and reach a peaceful settlement leading toward a treaty. The U.S. has consistently refused.

    “The Pentagon and the South Korean military today —and throughout the past year — have been staging massive war games that simulate the invasion and bombing of North Korea. Few people in the United States know the real situation. The work of the war propaganda machine is designed to make sure that the American people do not join together to demand an end to the dangerous and threatening actions of the Pentagon on the Korean Peninsula.

    Pyongyang’s “bellicosity” is almost entirely verbal but North Korea is a small country in difficult circumstances that well remembers the extraordinary brutality Washington visited up the territory in the 1950s. Millions of Koreans died. TheU.S. carpet bombings were criminal. North Korea is determined to go down fighting if it happens again, but hope their preparedness will avoid war and lead to talks and a treaty.

    Their large and well-trained army is for defense. The purpose of the rockets they are building and their talk about nuclear weapons is principally to scare away the wolf at the door.

    The Obama Administration has no intention to create the conditions leading to a peace treaty,

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    In respond to top answer

    1. This is a Korean civil war. Peace or not is up to the koreans. The US has the right to refuse peace with North Korea.

    2. North Korea has made it clear that they want to subdue the "pupet" South Korea govern!ment. The one country two system will never work because the these two system are mutually exclusive. They will just beat each other to death the moment ceasefire is lifted just like North and South Vietnams after the Paris treaty.

    3. You're right with this one except I dont see anything wrong with the US pivoting to Asia. Does it destabilize the region? No, not as far as I concern, most countries seem welcoming the US more than China or Russia.

    4. The Korean war was a proxie war of two ideologies, "communism" and "anti-communism". It's not just the US dont want peace with the North, the South dont seem to like it either. So what is the real situation here? Sure there's ton of propaganda against North Korea. But would it be better to have an impoverish Korea or a thriving South Korea? The economy of the two countries speak for itself.

    Pyongyang is not entirely verbal. Their rocket tests, nuclear tests and threat to destroy the South are known and reported by other countries as well. They have their own wargames. Theyvjust happen to have poor allies who dont seem to give much help.

    To answer the ultimate question. A major (i dont like the word superpower) power will get blamed for everything wrong in the world because there are always other powers trying to beat it down.

    When Britain and France "owned" the world they also got blamed. When the Chinese "owned" Asia many years ago they were also blamed for many astrocity. And so America will keep geting blamed till the day it no longer the world major power.

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    Your points are valid and correct. The USA is at the top of the totum pole with the most power. Someone is always trying to knock the USA off the top. Making the USA look bad and demonizing Americans is the easiest way to try. The U.S. is blamed for everything wrong in the world, other countries problems, wars. It never fails, if the U.S. helps we are shown in a bad light, if we dont help we are shown in a bad light. Its been like this forever and I really see no change in the future. It all has to do with the USA being the biggest super power in the world.

    My opinion is that, I could care less what other countries think of me as an American. You couldnt pay me to leave or live outside the U.S. and as far as Im concerned they can stay in thiers.

    The thing I hate most is that those who try to knock the U.S. down always have one hand flipping us off and the other hand out streched begging for U.S. money. And we give it everytime.

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