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what do you think of these 3 boy names?

Rory Gavin

Conrad Jerome

Russell Owen

I really like the meanings of the first names. (Rory- red power/ red king/ red leader. Conrad- brave friend. Russell- little red). the middle names are family names I like.

what do you think of them?

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    I like the meanings too.

    The names are cute and not too common.

  • I adore Russell Owen. It's very handsome and it will suit a male of all ages.

    Rory Gavin is quite nice too. I'm quite a fan of Gavin although I would never use it. It's a really good boys name.

    Conrad Jerome is decent. Not the best but certainly not the worst.

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    dizneygeek, I'm not an adult, and I know what my name means. My siblings and I have been looking up the meanings of our names ever since we were little, like three to six. Unless we're just more intelligent than most children. ;) (That's a joke.)

    I don't like the name Rory, but I like Gavin. Conrad Jerome sounds pretty cool! And Russel Owen is sort of cute. I'm not wild about Russel, but Owen is adorable!

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    Rory is great on a boy.Since I find it masculine.Gavin is nice.

    Conrad is alright.Nicely paired with Jerome.

    Russell Owen is nice.

    Together they sound great.

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    I like Jerome as a first name.. Personally I don't really like any of the other names.

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    7 years ago

    It doesn't matter what the meanings are since the only time people know what they are is when they are curious as adults & look them up.

    The only name I like is Russell. (Owen is my grandson so of course I like that one.)

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    it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks of them! im getting a lot of criticism at the moment about the names i have picked! if its what you like dont bother about what anyone else thinks or says!<3

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    7 years ago

    Not the best I've heard, but they're still OK :)

  • 7 years ago

    I don't really like any of them

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