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Is it right to give students ISS for being late to class?

Today, I was 1 minute late to math class. My teacher yelled at my face saying "starting tomorrow if you or anyone else is late to class will be written up and have ISS". It was so bad that I was was upset and crying at the end of class. I'm not a bad person at all. The hallways are always so crowded and its not my fault at all and now I have to have ISS because of this?

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    It sounds as if this teacher has a lot of students coming in late and got frustrated.

    Regarding school policy about ISS, check your student or school handbook. Every school has policies about causes for suspension or detention. Teachers do not make these rules, and if tardiness isn't mentioned as a reason for ISS, you may want to take up the issue with the principal or administrator.

    You don't mention if this was the first time you were late to this class. If so, it might have been helpful to catch the teacher after the class was over and say just what you told us: You're not a bad person, the hallways are crowded, and you're sorry it happened. It might still be helpful. Often if you take a moment to explain something to a teacher, they will understand. The teacher might have (wrongly) assumed you didn't care enough about his/her class to be on time.

    It doesn't sound as if you got ISS for this. I once got counted tardy because I wasn't in my chair when the bell rang, because two other students were dancing in the classroom aisle and wouldn't let me by. That was 35 years ago, and I'm still mad about it!

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    Something tells me you're not a first time offender. If this is the case, she can issue ISS, no problem. One minute late is quite a lot. She was probably well into discussing the first activity when you walked in. It's a distraction when you're that late. Everyone turns their head to look at you. You sit down and don't know what's going on and ask your neighbor (a further distraction). Think about this: Was the rest of the class already there when you came in one minute late? They had to endure those same "crowded" halls as you did, yet there they are...all on time and in their seats. Hmmmmm.

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    Your teacher sounds like they have anger management issues...

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    I am soooooooo sorry that happened to you, you need to tell your mom or dad and then have the principle fire that *****.

    I hope this helps C=

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