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starting a riding lesson/work exchangment VERY extremely nervous?

Calling the lady today to get everything finaliazed

im normally a outgoing person.....but im so extremely nervous

What if I don't do a good enough job? [as im not allowed to ride a four wheeler] [my friend nearly died in accident]

what if I fall off the horse?

what if the spot is no longer avaible? [its been three weeks since we talked last]

how do I NOT be nervous on the phone?

whatt if she does not remember me? what do I say? Hi this is Liz I called you three weeks ago ect?

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    Just keep calm! If you're worried about sounding nervous on the phone, have a distraction of some sort (nothing too distracting of course!) but just something small like clicking your pen or sorting something.

    I currently am doing a similar thing with my stables, I work from 7:30 till 6 on Saturdays and get paid 20 pounds and a free ride (but I also have my group lesson which I have to pay for but the 20 pounds usually covers it) when I first started I was SO nervous, I couldn't do anything but there was a girl who was about my age working there and she was really nice and I would literally follow her around and learn how to do stuff. Don't worry about messing up, for example after tacking up just poke your head round the stable door and ask someone to check it, but we all make mistakes.

    I have fallen off A LOT of times, luckily I've never managed to really hurt myself. Sometimes falling can be unavoidable, if that happens, try to land on your side (pretty hard when you're falling I know) and curl up into a ball to protect your internal organs in case the horse stands on you. (Never happened to anyone I know but you can't be too careful.)

    Exactly like that on the phone! Sound eager and listen to what they have to say carefully. From experience stables always need help so I doubt the position is filled. If she doesn't remember you just say something along the lines of 'I called you three weeks ago to discuss the possibility of doing a work for riding exchange' e.c.t

    Long reply! But just have fun, I love riding and being around horses all day, and remember even if everyone seems really experienced or know it all, they were all beginners at one point.

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  • Mel
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    The more you fight nerves, the worse they get. When I find myself really nervous during an interview and I feel it is coming through, I am just honest about it. I might say something like, this position would really mean a lot to me, so please excuse my touch of nerves at the moment. Once it's out there and you aren't trying to hide or fight it, the nervousness tends to go away.

    Regarding the specifics, when you ride horses, you will fall off sooner or later. It happens. If you are riding in a safe environment and on a horse appropriate to your skill level, the chance is lower. Most falls don't result in serious injury though. I've lost count of how many times I've fallen off in the last twenty years, only once did I have an injury that I needed to have checked by a doctor (mild concussion, and I wasn't wearing a helmet...would have been fine if I had). More injuries tend to happen on the ground when handling horses and most of these can be prevented with vigilance and adherance to safety protocols.

    If the spot is no longer available, something else will come up or it might open up again. Part of the working world, unfortunate, but a reality you will encounter for the rest of your life when job seeking.

    As far as the 4wheeler, why would that be a necessary part of the job? Is it to haul muck from stalls? Perhaps something can be worked out, deal with it when it comes up.

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