do you see yourself working at Subway as a sandwich artist someday :^)?

omg, can you imagine all the masterpieces you'll make, and you'll get paid cash money $_$ too!

OMG! midheaven?


do you meet the qualifications?

The Sandwich Artists performs a variety of duties relating to QSR restaurant-style service including greeting and serving customers, cold & hot food preparation, stocking counters and steam table, maintaining sanitation standards, and light paperwork. Responsible customer service is a major component of this position.

Tasks and Competencies:

Checks supplies in counter area and restocks items to ensure a sufficient supply throughout the shift.

Maintains cleanliness and sanitation of the front-of-the-house including all tables, floors, windows, and beverage station, restroom, etc.

Greets customers and takes their orders - use cash register to record the order and computes the amount of the bill - collects payment from guest and make change.

Complies with all portion sizes, quality standards, company police & procedures.

Collects cash, checks, or charge payment from guest. Makes change for cash transaction, verifies identification for

Update 2:

verifies identification for checks and prepares charge vouchers for credit card purchases.

Counts money, checks, and charge payments in cash drawer at end of shifts.

Complete cold & hot food preparation assignments neatly, accurately, and in a timely fashion.

Maintains proper food handling, safety and sanitation standards while preparing food, serving food and clean-up.

Keep display equipment clean and free of debris during meal service as assigned.

Maintains professional appearance at all times, clean and well groomed as per standards. Displays a positive and enthusiastic approach to all assignments.

Exhibits a cheerful and helpful manner when dealing with customers.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Was there for more than a year. I loved it i got sooo happy when i made something that looked almost as good as the ones on TV. Lol

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  • 8 years ago

    lmao alot of enthusiasm! I worked there for like a month I couldn't stand it. I don't judge or bad mouth anyone who has a job similar at the end of the day you do what needs to be done. I couldn't stand it because I like to be challengedd, hate routine, want a title and making some good money. To me I could careless if bob didn't get the dream sandwich and is foaming at the mouth yelling about it, to me its more comical I don't take it seriously which pisses the ppl who make it their life do.

  • Castle
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    8 years ago

    No. I'm not a fan of working in the food industry but I'm a fan of eating food, just not every kind of food. Reminds me when you were talking about McDonalds lol.

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  • ­
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    8 years ago

    I actually worked there for a bit when I was younger. I can tell you, it's a bit of an annoying and boring job. And not really a fan of the food lol.

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  • 8 years ago

    I always just want a coffee and cookie. What's the problem with this?

  • 8 years ago


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