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How to become an expert on Star Trek?

well since summer has started i want to know about star trek the series has always sounded interesting but there is soo much out there that i dont know where to start. i want to know a lot about the series and pretty much everything about it. how would i do that 10 points

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  • David
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    Star Trek series are written so that you can jump in anywhere at any episode in any series. It will be more entertaining if you watch them in order and understand the relationships between the characters. I imagine you are interested because of the new movies. But you do not need to watch The Original Series to understand the later stuff. I'd say actually the newer series (Next Generation and later) are more like the movies. Also, the later series contain more of the intricate stories, character development, and scientific theory that have created the voracious Star Trek culture. If you want to select a different series than the original, that's fine. I'd recommend it actually.

    You can get every episode of every series on Netflix or Amazon if you have an account you pay for.

    The original series can be a bit cheesy for modern audiences. It is dated, and Shatner's overacting has become legendary as a result of that show. But for its time it was a good show, and I consider it to be entertaining. Even if it makes me laugh (there was an episode where Shatner did a 40's gangster accent - it was terrible), it is entertaining. Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy, is a great character, and much better acting.

    My favorite series is The Next Generation. The first two seasons of this series aren't as good as the 3rd and later. If you want to skip the first two seasons, just make sure you watch "encounter at farpoint", and any other episode with "Q" in the title (he's the best). The 3rd season it really gets good. Picard is very different from Kirk. He is more of a diplomat, he plays by the book, and he's more intellectual. Picard & Data are easily the best written characters in all of Star Trek.

    Deep Space Nine is much darker than any of the others. It takes place mostly on a space port that's rife with crime. Nobody wants to be there, the officers are not as capable (this is intentional in the script), and all sorts of nefarious characters come & go. Odo and O'Brien are the coolest characters here.

    Voyager is a very cool concept: in the first episode Voyager (the name of the ship) is somehow transported dozens, maybe hundreds of light years from earth. I can't remember exactly. But this sets the tone of the series. They are far away from any help, encountering new species (including the coolest enemy ever, the Borg), and their whole journey is to return home. Seven of Nine and The Doctor are amazing characters, although seven does not come aboard till the second season. Voyager is probably my second favorite series.

    Enterprise was very unpopular, but I recently forced myself to watch it. It's not that bad. It focuses on the birth of Starfleet and the first encounters with other lifeforms. It takes place obviously before Kirk. The cool thing about this series is you get to see how it happened. Starfleet is much more like the American military. They use more modern weapons, and it is the most realistic and relatable of all the series. It's not that great though.

    If I were you, I'd watch the first two episodes of TNG, then kinda skip through the first 2 seasons. You need to watch "Skin of Evil". That contains a plot point that will be pretty important. Welcome.

  • Sandra
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    @ David is correct

    To understand everything, and being a trekker

    You should start to watch all the episodes from the beginning ...

    The Original Series or Classic. with Captain James Tiberius Kirk (William Shatner) .. more important!

    than ... The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise.

    Watch all the movies. From "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" to "Star Trek Nemesis" .. and also the latest "Star Trek" and "Star Trek Into Darkness" by J. J. Abrams

    Only this way you will understand the whole canon ......

  • Andy
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    8 years ago

    Rent the tv series on DVD and start watching them

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