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What is this supposed to mean for my relationship?

I asked my husband why didnt he tell me ive gotten fat. He was slow to answer but finally says to me "youve gained weight". Im not mad at him for saying that because I did honestly ask him, but it just really hurt my feelings. The man never compliments me as it is, but I try and remind myself that men are not as open to their feelings as we are, but it doesnt help the situation any either. I just feel so betrayed by this and feel so ugly now. Also, for the past 6 months, we hardly ever have sex anymore. He says that hes not like he used to be with his past realtionships and in the earlier stage of ours. He says its not me, but now I cant seem to believe that. Then, yesterday he told me he feels like he cant talk to me anymore. I feel like my relationship is falling apart and that all he does is make me feel bad about myself. I do not want to lose what we have, but I just cant seem to pick myself up from all the negativity Ive been getting thrown at me. I am thankful for his honesty, but I also think that he should build me up more right? Maybe im just not everything he thought i was. i dont know..

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    Allie, the problem is not with you... The problem is with "Attraction".

    I agree, girls' body matter, but it's just one thing... "Attraction" is the name of 100 of small things... Your relationship is in danger because of lack of attraction.

    In my opinion, instead of thinking about him, or the problems, you should learn immediately that how to create attraction.

    You can create "Attraction" again and influence your husband that you are the best wife through many ways... For example, you can attract him again through your,

    (a) Body Language.

    (b) Psychological Tactics.

    (c) Speaking Style.

    (d) Bright Colored Dresses.


    Apart from this, "Happiness Always Attracts A Man"... Your happy state of mind, and your happy energy, attracts your man and compel him to think that he is in the best relationship.

    Happiness is like a drug. According to many researches, "Unhappy Person Always Chases The Happy Person."

    So, if you want to make him fall in love with you, show him that you are happier than him, and learn the art of creating attraction.

    Source(s): You can learn "21 Crazy Things That Attract A Man Instantly" at: Because, these tips will not only attract your husband but also help you to save your relationship... Apart from this, I recommend you other books too. - Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov. - Men Women And Relationships - John Gray. - 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. These are wonderful books, especially written for strengthening the relationships.
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    If that's unique to you and him and you spend time at the same time and relatively care regarding the solid of the different man or woman it relatively is severe. If he makes concrete plans to your destiny at the same time and would not squirm and get uncomfortable once you communicate approximately it as properly.

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