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If roy hibbert can do a lot of damage from the heat, what will duncan do to the heats defense?

BQ: Whos better this year, tim duncan or roy hibbert?


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    Roy gibbards been great but Tim Duncan has been here before and isn't going to be intimidated by anyone in the league. Its not just Duncan, the spurs bigs are collectivley good and better than the heat. This is a matchup nightmare for the heat as the spurs Ayers play there roles better, are smarter, deeper and far more experienced than the defending champs. Should be a great series but the heat are overmatched. S.A is a team who knows how to play collectively with or without their best players. The heat only beat you by overwhelming you with talented individuals. When you can defend that you will beat mia.

    Duncan gives you the intangables that Hibbard hasn't developed yet and that goes a long way. Hibbert had a great year stat wise, but he does not play the role Duncan has this year. Experience is the key, hibbards getting his now. For Duncan though, its just another day at the proverbial office.

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    Absolutely destroy it. The Big 3 better come up big in the Finals (assuming they'll make it to that point) or else Duncan and Parker will tear up anything left of the Miami defense.

    What big man is there for the Heat to protect the paint on the defensive and rebounding end? The answer is very simple: no one.

    If the Heat want to win the Finals, they better start scoring because defense and rebounding is NOT the way they win. They will get absolutely crushed if they don't clean up the glass because Duncan will be there putting back missed shots all day.

    Bosh, Andersen, SOMEONE better put a body on Tim Duncan or else the Heat might not have a ring after the Finals, but instead the Spurs.

    And of course, this is assuming the Heat beat the Pacers, something that pretty much everyone thinks, but hey, after a nice Game 4 win.... you never know.

    BQ: Tim Duncan. He's one of the best centers in the NBA right now; if not THE best.

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    Tim isn't as big height or weight wise but he's a smarter player than Hibbert if you know what I mean. He takes his time on offense and has no problem shooting jumpers when they're given to him. He'll have a good series off of that alone. I'll also say he's better than Hibbert. Before the playoffs started Hibbert was not having a good season at all. He averaged 11 points shooting around 45% which is pretty terrible for someone his size. He's not fully there yet offensively, but Miami has no one to guard him, & Tyson Chandler got bullied by him last series.

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    Very little, Hibbert is an awesome physical Center, Tim Duncan gets very inefficient when you play him physically.

    BQ: As a Center Hibbert, he has the most beautifully refined post-game(the hook-shot is back), and is a great physical defender.

    As a Power Forward Tim Duncan, he's listed as a Center, but Duncan fades most of the game to play PF, which is his strength, he'll compensate not having the strongest, most physically intimidating play, and has all the opportunity to take advantage of the extra room a PF gets.

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    Tim Duncan can do a lot more than Hibbert. Although Hibbert may be more intimidating in the middle because of his size, Duncan is a veteran who knows all the tricks and the best fundamentals.

    Tim Duncan can wreck havoc on any team...very quietly as usual.

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    Tim > Hibbert

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    but Pacer also have West.

    I think Spurs missing another post player

    to really damage the Heat.

    Grizz is a worst match up for Heat cus Z'bo and


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    A heck of a lot more, but Hibbert doesn't come close to being as dominant when he goes against true big men.

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    8 years ago

    Duncan is not as physical, the Spurs are not as physical

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