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We can pick a book to gether at the first neeting.

Do you like short stories ? Maybe we can choose a collection of short stroies.

我想請教 pick 和 choose 有什麼差別




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  • 7 years ago
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    我想請教 pick 和 choose 有什麼差別?

    妳真好運 問對人了. 我就告訴妳吧!

    pick - 是強調基於被選擇對象(人,物,事,地 皆可)本身條件的考量

    choose - 是強調基於被選擇所有的對象(人,物,事,地 皆可)條件相對比較的考量

    例: 眾多車子中的選擇

    It is hard to choose (not pick) the best one car among these 3 ones.

    例: 決定是否的選擇

    He is rich and famous but not the right one to pick.

    2013-05-29 20:58:00 補充:

    But heck, most people do not mind using them interchangeably.

    2013-05-30 02:44:45 補充:

    And the priest is a smart pick indeed.

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  • 7 years ago


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  • 7 years ago

    (1)pick,verb, select single out pick someone=select,choose,single out hand-pick someone out at first meeting.

    (2)choose, verb--chose--chosen-- is to take or select one or more things or persons from a large number, according to one's own preference or judgement (eg:we can choose a collection.)

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