Possible Child Endangerment?

Okay so the child is a little over a year and I've taken care of her since birth because both her parents are drug addicts. Their addiction has gotten worse since I've first met them. They are now producing and selling and the babies dad possibly owns a medical shop. My biggest concern is that the baby is exposed to the drugs. She has social networks in which she post all about her drug use. She cooks with breakfast as well as pastries with THC and im scared that the baby will find the product and eat it. She also drives under the influence and smokes inside the car keeping the smoke in and later putting the baby into the car with a strong odor of weed. I was wondering who to call weather the police or child services. On top of this i would be really interested in adopting the child. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


i am no longer taking care of her i only did for the beginning of her life up until she was around 8 months old. and it wasn't permanent it was just whenever she went out.

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  • 7 years ago
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    In many states, driving under the influence with a young child in the car is a felony crime. Of course this is reportable to Children's Protective Services. If there are large amounts of drugs in the house, the police will be very interested, too.

    If you are not related to the child, there is no guarantee that it will be placed with you, but you can contact child services and see what they can tell you about getting on a list to adopt the child.

    If there are proceedings to terminate child custody, you may be able to be appointed the child's guardian. You may wish to contact a family law attorney to advise you now.

  • 7 years ago

    If you are her caretaker, babysitter, whatever, then you are bound by law to report it. Understand, however, that if you intentionally file a FALSE report, you can be charged with a crime. But that is only if you file the report knowing that it's false.

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