question regarding canada visa?

I want to apply for canada student visa for masters in Hotel management. I have completed my bachlor degree in London do i still need to give IELTS. I am originally from Nepal.

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  • linda
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    7 years ago
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    The language requirements for entry to education institutions are specific to each school so you will need to see what the testing requirements are at the school to which you intend to apply. It may not be IELTS or CELPIP that is used.

    In order to be issued a study permit you do not need to take language testing for the CIC application primarily because there are those who come to Canada to study English or French so it would defeat the purpose.

    The point at which you may need to submit IELTS or CELPIP results would be if you should meet requirements under the Canadian Experience Class or apply for a work permit from outside Canada and it would not matter if you have your degree from London. The list of exemptions is related to study in Canada and can be found with the applications for CEC or work permits.

  • bojko
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    3 years ago

    You the two won't have the skill to prepare mutually, first your substantial different has to prepare. If she gets the scholar visa then you definately would desire to prepare for her based visa. Time for checklist processing relies upon on the college to which you're utilising and the country of beginning, My buddy went to the Canada on based visa of her husband, They took the help of IDP coaching professionals.

  • 7 years ago

    You need to have admission to school first. The school has language requirements. You have to have the schools requirement.

    You do not apply for student visa before you apply for school.

    Where are you a citizen? Where are you a legal resident? Where are you now?

    IELTS in this case is not part of a STUDY visa but is part of getting admission to a University.

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