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Can you live in Melbourne, Victoria off of $50,000 per year?

After the $50,000 is taxed (no stamp duty tax), would a single person be able to live in the North or East, or basically a walk-able distance to a hospital? Hint: I plan on pursuing a medical career so walking distance is quite important so I don't have to spend money on a tram or anything. I'm pollo-pescatarian and I'm picky about my clothes (I don't buy much clothes as a result of it), and im not huge on fancy stuff. Anyways, I plan to be more of a work, gym, and outside person than a inside person so I don't need much furniture either, haha. I hope to rent a studio or 1 bedroom apartment that has a study area and enough room for a queen size bed. So all I need is small and convenient and average food prices.

I'm not exactly for sure what I'll pursue but it'll most likely be one of the following:

Registered Nurse


Occupational Therapy

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    Favorite Answer let's get this straight .You aren't qualified at anything yet & are already planning your accommodation near a hospital ?

    You don't think you are a little bit ahead of the game ? Just in case I've misunderstood you , yes a single person of sober habits & living an uncomplicated , simple life can easily manage on $ 50 k pa

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    Havent made mind up yet but wanna get in to medical field,, single,, wanna find nice apartment near crown casino yehh dude thats perfect. $50 grand/yr sweet ;-)

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    the way you suggest easy living there but this sounds as if you are counting your chickens before they are even hatched also it will be many a year before earning that much so wake up to yourself and get a job & proper schooling too

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