How hard is AP European History?

Ok, I'm a Freshman and the ONLY honors class is my Social Studies class. This year for Social Studies, I got really good grades especially for my very first honors class. I ended up with a low A but that is actually higher than my standard classes.

Next year, as a Sophomore I have improved to go onto English 10 Honors :D and then I signed up for AP European History since Social Studies has been my strongest.

I am really not a math and science person, which is why I'm only sticking to standard Chemistry and Geometry.

I don't want to drop out of AP Euro and regret it, it does sound like a fun class and I remember learning about it in 7th grade. Social studies has always been my favorite subject because of all the countries and events. Watching videos and reading stories were always my favorite things to do.

I could honestly care less about the homework, I'm more worried about the DBQ's and Essays. I'm pretty good on multiple choice tests but my writing is so bad, and I'm really slow at writing my essays. If you're wondering how I got bumped up to English honors it was because I got really good grades and I had a great teacher that motivated everyone.

Some students are in all honors but I'm only taking two, which means less homework. But I would really like to know how difficult it is and the teachers pace.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'm a sophomore, I'm taking AP World History and we do CCOT's, Compare and Contrast and DBQ's. I'm pretty (or used to be) bad at writing essays since I started learning English 3 years ago. But with practice your essays will get better, and as long as you know what you are going to write about you'll do fine. I don't think AP European History is harder than AP-World History because in World History we covered everything (from the Human Prehistory to early civilizations to Globalization and Resistance, we learned about every continent in the world, their history, dynasties, emperors, plagues, religion, spread of civilization,industrialization and I can go on and on). In my AP-World History we had to read a chapter every week and write an essay every week too, we moved very fast, but it depends on the teacher, if your teacher wants to cover everything on the book she will go fast and if not she will be a little bit slower.

    Anyways you'll just basically learn about Europe not the whole world! so it shouldn't be that hard:) and you're very lucky my school doesn't offer that class :(

    By the way now I am pretty good at writing essays, practice makes perfect and probably you'll be writing a lot of essays, you'll do fine don't worry.

    I hope you'll love your class, don't give up so easily and GOOD LUCK!

  • 7 years ago

    Not difficult at all. I get a sense from your post that you just need more practice tests before the final exam which is the case with every student. I have come across so many students who struggle because they haven't established the right studying habits. If you're really interested in social studies which obviously you are then take AP Euro and also check out Learnerator which is an amazing resource for this authentic AP style practice questions. I self-studied myself and one of the main things Learnerator focuses on is the practical implementation of knowledge. Best of luck!

  • 4 years ago

    I proposal the AP US historical past exam was less complicated, due to the fact any student who attended an American tuition growing up would have been exposed to American historical past for the period of that point, but would have been exposed to a lot much less European historical past. That said, I received 4s on each, so possibly they're without a doubt the same difficulty.

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