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Why hasn't Magistrate K. M. Coes Sr. Been Charge w/ obstruction-Abuse of Power?

Doris A. William Check Lynce X-rays 10/22/2005 as John Doe Found in 1600 Block of Stolz Ave Dayton, Oh identified from Cincinnati Kennedy Heights in Bryan Haley investigation Heroine/ marijuana indictment Intensive supervise paroled Officer Robert Fryer/ Donald Young (FOP) hamilton county Ohio stating Lance shouldn't of had Custody of child & didn't himself understand Why Kendal M. Coes Sr would Squash subpoena before Federal Judge having been implemented with operating & Trap house on Hale street @ Reading rd 03316 as Michael S. Lynce/Wanda Y. Lynce/Bernita Bell testifies after Federal Docket of Lynce ignored that he was Only a courier . June 2003 Lynce said he needed $ from if I'd would wait to get Apartment he'll make sure he'll triple what I would give him I declined He'd then stated I'd regret it. Doris A.William then called asking if Lynce had made it Home- 20 Min's Later CPD was there Doris & Lynce Argued what if she left'd with His $ how'd would she Un mortgage her house in which to get him out of federal prison.

Michael S. Lynce listen to all info. giving to Susan Zollener, Bryan Hale, Donald Young Isp officer regarding Hale street address overheard Doris & Lynce arguing about as Susan escort myself to waiting area Lynce standing there overhearing whole Conversation But Susan Holding issued weapon from the city of Cincinnati then starts to run towards Exit as Lynce startled her "WHA THE **** U running for He'd tired to Shoot Me not U" Hearing aides R suppose to Be sensitive to sound I'd seen him 1st.

Doris (Diagnosed with having 6 months to Live Nov 28th-April 31, 2010 child beg her everyday to ******* eat Then Wanda Lynce takes him to go & See her knowing She was dead before they got There Why would she Wait to 1:30pm Intuition said for me to keep phn calls that day) asked if I'd seen her son home 98' as follows BAG & TAG 2005 John Doe initialed John doe Dayton daily news report Kennedy height outside Silver ton Ohio K. M. Coes Sr. resident to Hamilton county judiciary committee (Simon/John/Sharon L. Leis) take him out again 1 more to 17th floor Garfield suite



Blown Up inflat "Big Mic" fully purging lips (surprised, edition) left'd in Green Cadillac with mouth completely ajar'd {identified of Lt. district 5 daughter "slamming" from owner of Matching Green Cadillac female deputy said that who the inmate was her dad a millionaire/ ME Too, that why there going to Fix it} .

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  • AJ
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    8 years ago
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    Yes, ridiculous. He should deserve the death penalty. Very good point. Please keep on asking these kind of very smart questions. You seem to have fun typing them out.

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