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Did Jared Padalecki make love with Jensen Ackles to get his role in Supernatural?

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    NO! Absolutely not! Eric Kripke's wife (who was a fan of Gilmore Girls) suggested Jared Padalecki for the role of Sam. The first time Jared and Jensen ever met was when they auditioned for the roles of Sam and Dean. They were the only two people there and they were given the roles on the spot.

    A bit of trivia: the first role Jensen read for was Sam, not Dean. Jensen was then asked to read for Dean. When Jared read for Sam, they knew they had found their Sam and called Jensen to see if he'd play Dean and he agreed.

    Jared is married to Genevieve Padalecki (nee Cortese--she played Ruby in S4 of Supernatural) and they have a son who is over a year old.

    Jensen is married to Danneel Ackles (nee Harris--her professional name which she used until she married Jensen and took his name) who he had been dating since 2005. Danneel is pregnant with their first child, a girl, due in June.

    One more thing...if you've been watching Supernatural all along and have seen Season 8 you know that Jared is an amazing actor in his own right. He is incredibly talented and he, as Jensen said at JIB 2013, "wrecked himself for the last three episodes."

    Jared has played a dual role in several episodes: Born Under A Bad Sign and The End. He played a soulless Sam for the first half of S6 then had to switch and play a resouled Sam for the second half of S6. S7 he had Mark Pellegrino playing Lucifer and had to play Sam going crazy. S8 he looked like he was dying from the trials--and the season finale of S8 was one of the best episodes of the series and had the best brotherly moment in series history.

    Jared and Jensen's talents are awe-inspiring. Neither of them need favors to get roles they've gotten. They're talented enough in their own rights to not need that kind of deplorable behavior.

    Forgive me...I am fiercely loyal and protective of Jared and Jensen and their wives and families, just as I am for all cast and crew of Supernatural. With all due respect, I find this question offensive. I've never had the privilege of meeting either Jensen or Jared but from what I've seen in pictures and at Con panels I've seen on YouTube, coupled with the fact that they're not in the tabloids every week or on TMZ or Entertainment Tonight or any of the other tabloid-type shows, they are private, family men who don't want to be in the spotlight.

    Source(s): I think it came from either Supernatural Magazine issue #1 or from Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1 by Nicholas Knight.
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    It is a very strange question.

    I don't know who you even think is Jensen to give any role to any one, even now he can't give roles to anyone he want, he is just an actor not producer or the network president, so how you even think eight years ago he could give any roles to anyone.

    He himself got his role is Supernatural by audition like any new actor, and he didn't even got the role he auditioned for, Jensen auditioned for Sam role then Jared auditioned for Sam role also but they liked Jared as Sam and offered Jensen Dean role instead of Sam role which he auditioned for in the first place.

    So he didn't even got for himself the role he originally auditioned for, So how you think he can give anything for others.

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    No, Jensen Ackles has nothing to do with how someone gets cast.

    They saw something in Jared Padaleck and thought he did good and played his character well in his audition.So he got cast.

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    No the two actors didn't meet until the final audition for Supernatural in front of the network.

    Source(s): Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles
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    No...I'm pretty sure Padaleck was cast before Ackles seeings how the both were up for the role for Dean. After Padaleck was cast,then Ackles asked to read for Dean(a the character he wanted to play from the start.

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    No! What makes you think that?

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