Best Old-School Superman: Kirk Alyn vs George Reeves?


The only beef with Reeves was face and head shape doesn't hardly the look of Superman. He had a good frame, but not sure how much was fat or muscle. His Clark wasn't that quirky either.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I've yet to see the Alyn film. But Reeves was iconic Supe. All but the part where he took bullets to the chest, but ducked when the bad guy threw his pistol at him.

  • 6 years ago

    George Reeves was THEE Superman. His suit on tv was padded..........but he was still an athletic Big dude.

    His Clark was JUST right........not TOO geeky......and not a wimp either.

    What I have HATED about all the SUPES films so far, is that, A,) they keep using Hollywood pretty BOYS and not play Superman.............

    he's suppose to have a barrel chest...........not look anorexic in the costume......

    and they keep making him out to be a SUPER WIMP, as Clark.

    Clark was still an ace reporter......and the films all but ignore that.

    And in all the films........every one of them has long drawn out scenes of Superman being beat up by 3rd rate thugs.....for various reasons.

    When in the comics, was SUPERMAN ever beaten up or had the complete sh*t kicked out of him, like in that one film with Kevin ordinary thugs?

    Super villians sure.......but just average *******?

    In the Chris Reeve Film, he loses his powers and gets his azz kicked at the diner by some 'tard.

    No one wants to see Superman on the floor, bleeding, pee'ing his pants.........he's suppose to be freaking SUPERMAN!!!

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