Boyfriend can't have sex?? But he ALWAYS wants oral?

My boyfriend was in a car accident years ago. It severely damaged his spine. He can move and stuff, but his back is in near constant pain. The doctors had him on high powered pain killers, but after one of his family members stole them, he had to go without until his next appt. During the time he was off of the meds he had some withdrawl symptoms. He decided to stop taking the pain meds due to the fact that he was afraid he was going to become addicted. However, while he tolerates the pain... our sex life has went down the toilet... Which, I understand his back hurts and it hurts to thrust or have the pressure of my weight on top... but he ALWAYS wants oral. We can be in bed inthe morning and he'll start doing things to set the mood, but then all he wants is oral. So, I get left wet and hung out to dry. Any suggestions as to positions or anything? He wont perform oral on me anymore since he whitnessed a vaginal birth. I need SOMETHING. I can't stand this.

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  • 7 years ago
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    He needs to learn an understand you have needs aswell

  • 3 years ago

    Most guys do need oral sex, considering that it does relatively without problems consider good for them. However, if he's "disgusted" by having typical intercourse and would not want to do some thing intimate for you ... You quite must speak to him about it. I'm definite that it is not your fault at all and i'm definite that you are attractive. Are trying asking him what has changed and spot if there are some other methods he needs to boost your intercourse life as opposed to oral intercourse - or at the least he can return the want! If things do not trade, you would be better off with out him. He would not respect you and he's being selfish. Additionally, like the other man or woman said - he is flirting with other ladies at the same time relationship you! He definitely has no respect for you or your relationship. Don't let him use you love this. He disrespects you by using now not caring and he's not providing you with sexual pleasure, so why are you staying with him? There are higher guys out there.

  • 7 years ago

    Hi MandyNoel. You need to get an array of different dildos and vibrators, then he can give you the orgasm that you need. You can get yourself in a position so that it's not painful for him to do, and you can try different positions to make the activity more excitable for you. Positions in usual sex will always be difficult for you and him together, I can't think of one where there wont be any pain for him. So artificial means is the best way to go, and at least you'll get some satisfaction along with an orgasm.

    I wish you happiness

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  • 7 years ago

    He needs to man up. He could be doing something, but he is too lazy. Tell him that the position of your sexual partner is up for grabs and he needs to convince you why he should be retained. That if he doesn't want the job, then you will find someone who does. He won't do oral on you because of a vaginal birth, that is sad and pathetic. He is so missing out and you shouldn't put up with his lack of interest. Good Luck

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  • Wendy
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    7 years ago

    As he can still get hard ( oral) / I will tell you a way that places no pressure on him .

    He can sit in a chair ? have him sit in an arm chair you face him placing your legs over the arms lowing your self on him it like cowgirl style but no pressure on him as you are supported by the arms of the chair. I have done this with several guys and they loved it. I also can control how and where it hits in me. Great on the G spot.

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  • 7 years ago

    So you need to talk to him and tell him!

  • 7 years ago

    He is a lying selfish jerk - ditch him.

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