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F1 student marrying military officer?

Hey there board ! I am an international student who did her undergrad and is currently pursuing her phD in the US (Texas specifically) . I met my bf of now three years while getting my phD. Now that I'm almost ready to graduate (I will be done this December) the bf and I are talking marriage but given that he is active duty military (USAF) stationed in California and I'm located in Texas we are trying to figure out what the best course of events is. Should we get married and apply for paper work subsequently while I'm still in F1 status or should I get on the OPT and then try to get married? I plan to seek employment in California once I'm done with my phD to be closer to my bf and realize the job search will be a lot easier without the visa issues on hand. Should we consult a JAG? What paperwork should we look to file immediately to help me find a job close to him post/pre marriage? Any advice will be much appreciated.

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    Either one.

    But here's my thought...

    If you obtain your green card based on marriage, that will always be over your head as a foundation for your marriage and subsequent green card.

    If you obtain it through your education and a job, it's yours free and clear and you won't have to answer to him or answer embarrassing questions to USCIS.

    You can divorce and move on in life.

    Not that you'll divorce.

    But you will.


    And then he'll moan about you using him and USCIS wil be up your butt like white on rice.

    With work, all you have to show is that you meet the qualifications and the company wants you to work for them. You work for them, stay in the same field and you move along in life.

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