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Did Jehovah's Witness Legal Team members sacrifice their souls for the Governing Body?

By performing God-Accursed worldly legal maneuvers on victimized children of jw's, by only offering them gag-order pay-offs, or "hush-money" for not telling the world about their pedophile problems, and paying millions of dollars in donation monies without telling the rest of the jw members, they indeed broke many of the principals of Christian ethics and law.

Did those specific JW lawyers sell their souls to protect the watchtower organization?


Good point Mimi...if they were acting on the promise to perform while paying back their costs to the WTBTS to become attorneys, the degree of culpability is diminished. However, the wrongness of this extortion is without a doubt, still present.

Update 2:

Alex, it is apparent that many JW's turn blind eyes to the activities of their "mother".......we are sorry for you, but we have published the truth of the watchtower for people everywhere to take stock of what they are a part of.

You are what you serve.

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  • Mimi
    Lv 6
    8 years ago
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    Are they paid for their services or are they Bethel volunteers? I hear that Brooklyn headquarters has had Bethelite lawyers who they took through Law School .


    I agree. ..

    In that case, they are just as guilty as the brothers in the Service Department who make those policies.

    But my opinion is that the brothers who run the Society behind the scenes,ie the Service and Legal Departments ,run it much like a business....which it really is.

    I've read the Zalkin Court documents regarding a child abuse case on Barbara Anderson's website. ..the Society's lawyer presents many lies /half truths in court in an attempt to distance the Society from the rank and file Witnesses are not required to fill a time report, they don't represent the Watchtower while preaching,the Watchtower doesn't have hour requirements for pioneers etc

    It's only a job to the WT lawyer, just like any lawyer defending a criminal. , he must win the case at any cost...he must defend his employer/client...that's the reason they've settled so many cases out of court to avoid losing on record.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Jehovah's Witness=bone and flesh robots!!!

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