If a high functioning autistic (HFA) marries a non-HFA, will the marriage be healthy?

I'm a high functioning autistic, and gay. But I just want to know since there aren't any other gay auti's in the town I live in, so the only people I've ever dated are not HFA at all.

And in every relationship, I've had to dump them or they me because I'm either perceived as conceited, lazy, judgemental... And therefore cannot find love ANYWHERE...

I also have a second question: is there a community for teenage gays with specifically HFA? I have yet to find a fellow HFA gay auti....


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    If the neurotypical is competent, patient, and understanding then the marriage will be healthy. A person with autism should address their disorder when the relationship becomes serious. That way so many problems wouldn't arise at once.

    It wouldn't be too reminiscent if a person with autism could attribute understanding towards the neurotypical as well.

    The objective in a relationship is gaining a distinct understanding of each other.

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