Who was the better rapper-producer: Pete Rock, DJ Quik, Eric Sermon, RZA, Jermaine Dupri, or Timberland?

Who was the better rapper-producer out of:

1) Pete Rock (formerly of Pete Rock & CL Smooth),

2) DJ Quik (one of the first major rappers to come out on Compton, California, along w/ Eazy-E and M.C. Eiht),

3) Eric Sermon( formed EPMD w/ Parish Smith/PMD)

4) RZA (of Wu Tang Clan),

5) Jermaine Dupri (CEO of SoSo Def Records),


6) Timberland (one of the first rappers to come out of the Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth,and Richmond, Virgina area along w/ Skillz, Magoo, Missy Elliot, The Clipse:Malice & Pusha T and Pharrell Williams),

When comparing these six, I talking about longevity, innovation and wide range of lyrical content.

I mean if you had one of these artist(s) to produce your album, if you were a Pop, R&B, of Hip-Hop Artist, which one of these six would it be and why???

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  • 7 years ago
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    1) RZA, like kind of easily. He's the best producer and rapper out of these fellas.

    2) Pete Rock, great producer, rapping isn't so great, but his discography is almost clearly above the rest of these guys.

    3) Erick Sermon.

    4) I don't listen to DJ Quik to much to be honest, but I gotta give him his due.

    5) Timbaland. He has a great amount of range production-wise, from hip hop to pop. His rapping isn't as great though. I might put him at four.

    6) Jermaine Dupri doesn't really do anything these days does he? Plus he's a little more on the R&B side of things. He's not a very good rapper either.

    I'd want RZA to produce my album. I'd be a hip hop artist if anything. If I was a pop artist I'd want Timbaland to produce my album, he still knows how to make good dancing songs and stuff. If I was making an R&B album I might go with Pete, but perhaps better off with Jermaine because he has more experience in that field.

  • 1) Pete Rock. His instumental albums are the best. Producers like the late Jay Dilla and 9th Wonder (9thmatic) both gave so much praise to Pete Rock and pretty labled him the top guy in regards to producing a hip hop track.

    2) DJ Quik. His beats and llyrics are lightyears ahead of any westcoast producer-rapper (even Dr Dre). This is a master engineer on the boards.

    3) RZA. To me Jay Dilla used some of the RZA's technique.

    4) Eric Sermon. A hip hop legend. Another producer that rap w/ the best. EPMD albums are legendary.

    5) Jermaine Dupri. I put him above Timberland because he is a better rapper than Timberland. JD is also a great ghost writer. He wrote all of Kriss Kross songs from back in the day. This guy can make a platium hip hop and R&B album.

    6) Timberland. This guy is amazing w/ the beats he make. Not too crazy about his lyrics, but compared to 75% of toadys young artist, he's like Rakim.

  • 7 years ago

    1) DRE

    2) DJ Quik

    3) RZA

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