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Is a safe place to shop?

I bought a few rings and jewelry from there earlier. Is it safe or not? Have you shopped from there before?

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    WOT says it is safe, but I disagree because of the reviews, just watch out for the sellers.

    "The HP laptop motherboard I got from them came with the BIOS altered to remove the serial number. This rendered t he motherboard unable to tattoo the DMI. "

    "Beware of the sellers on this site, Don't get me wrong I have made several purchases from sellers on this marketplace and on a couple of occasions the deals have been ok. That said I have been scammed a couple of times as well, steer away from any sort of memory products - they will be fake, do not trust the Escrow claims - they are not genuine, the customer service is poor, and the online help is constantly not working.

    If the deal sounds to good to be true, It probably is...."

    "Their prices are extremely expensive for China products

    and also the shipping cost is very high"

    "Some sellers try to cheat. I got a bad product and sent it back. I was promised a new product, but the seller disappeared. Fortunately you can leave comments about the seller."

    TL;DR The site itself is safe, but some sellers are scammers.


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    Yes, Many people browse through popular eCommerce stores and search engines to find whatever they are looking for. While there are some disadvantages to buying products online, there are many more advantages and benefits. Most physical stores have a limited array of products. They can only hold so many items, and there are often many policies affecting the availability of products. For example, there might be a certain item that is only available to those versions of the business that exist in the mall.

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    I've never used them but they look safe. They have the kind of stuff I like to see when buying online which are a Verified Business, they have Transaction Protection and Privacy Protection

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    5 years ago

    everyone have diffrent mind

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