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shooting ping pong balls in the olympics?

Hey guys, I recently visited Thailand (The Land of Smiles) and came across my first ever ping pong show. I was absolutely mesmerized by the whole event, so much so that I've taken the tradition back home. For the past few weeks I've been shooting ping pong balls out from my anus at a board similar to the ones that they use in Olympic Archery. I've perfected my technique, hitting the bulls eye on average 8 out of 10 times, from a distance of 5 meters. I'd like to take this sport to the next Olympic games in Rio, especially as Brazilians love a bit of bum bum. Please get behind my cause to have this sport include at the next Olympic Games, by petitioning the Olympic Committee. Together we can make a difference.

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    What a shame - you are a few months too late. The IOC have just announced the list of possibilities for 2020. You have to first bring it to your own Olympic Committee (country) as individuals csnnot make representation on their own. I worked for LOCOG at the London 2012 games - if only we had known.

    Source(s): London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games
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    The olympics are a test of athleticism. Each of the strokes require different parts of your body and different technique. It's extremely difficult to excel in all of them and provides unique challenge. They don't need to have an application to real life. If you ask me, being able to spring 100m in under 10 seconds doesn't really have much of an application either. Perhaps if you get mugged or something, but other than that, no use. Nothing in the olympics really serves a purpose in real life. It's a competition. It is what it is. Let's just name some 'useless' sports... diving trampoline ping pong basketball football synchronized swimming gymnastics weightlifting (arguably) volleyball tennis pretty much all track and field events badminton water polo all winter olympic sports... yeah, too lazy to think of more.

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    Make a presentation to the games committee I am sure you will get a warm welcome from all the members.

    Once the majority of all the countries delegates have voted on your new sport you will be in the Olympics, but not in time for 2016.

    In the mean time why not put on a show for your local police department, I am sure they will also show you the appreciation you deserve?

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    7 years ago

    good luck i say..und dunt take no wooden nickels!

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