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Cat suddenly vigorously attacking dogs?

I watched my three dogs and cat for 5 days while my dad went to maine. Nothing really happened at all, the occasional hiss at my 2 year old newf, maybe twice the whole 5 days. they were even laying in the same room and what not. They encountered each other with no hissing face to face too. The last two days my cat would regularly meow at my one dog as if he was asking for food. Very odd. Then my dad came home and all hell has broken loose, and when I say they are unprovoked attacks I mean completely unprovoked attacks. My 2 year old newf has gotten hissed at just for being too close and attacked and the cat meowed before the attack. Then the most surprising, I was sitting with my cat laying on the top of the lazy boy, and my 12 year old golden came over for me to pet her, my cat immediately hissed at her swiped, and as my dog was retreating, the cat jumped down, and grabbed on to my golden with claws. We got the cat maybe 6 weeks ago and besides the adjusting period of the first week, it's been quite besides the last two days.... Any thoughts, resolutions? Theories? I just rescued this 6 year old cat and he's a great lap cat but I really don't want my dogs getting hostilely attacked. All 3 dogs lived PEACEFULLY with cats before and never had problems. My theory is it is territorial and it has something to do with my dad and his wife coming home, since that's when this whole behavior of attacking started. Any thoughts would be great


@ first comment - I agree I love my cat but he is barking up the wrong tree fighting with my two 150 Ib Newfoundlands and smaller yet large golden. He's not scared at all and even though a part of me wants a dog to snap back and teach my cat a lesson, they all are big and would really hurt my cat. I'd like to figure out a more peaceful alternative

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    If you just rescued the cat, he wouldn't have set up that serious a territory before, and if the dogs were already in house when you got the cat, the cat would have to include the dogs in the territory--so it's not a territorial thing. Unless you dad already had a relationship with the cat before you rescue it. Might be a stress reaction--too many beings in the space for the cat. Give the cat high places he can jump up to when he feels threatened by a dog (or needs to get out of the crowd), have boxes that only the cat can fit through the doorways etc.

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    Stupid cat is suicidal.

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