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Would this degree plan land me a job as an Environmental Engineering?

Schools near me only offer Environmental Science degrees. I plan on getting a degree in Environmental Science and minor in Civil Engineering. Or would getting a degree in Civil Engineering be better.


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    You may want to consider a Bachelor's in Civil Engineering and a Masters in Environmental Science or better yet Environmental Engineering. This would give you the most flexibility and tools to design solutions to problems. This would open the door to a greater pool of employers.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Environmental jobs do pay properly and there are frequently jobs to be present day in a single marketplace or yet another. there are various avenues to physique of innovations a profession interior the environmental marketplace, counting on your likes and expectancies. I even have worked as an environmental representative for a protracted time, and characteristic tiers in Geology and specialist progression in engineering and business hygiene. In my prepare, I even have dealt with people who've organization backgrounds, biologists, botanists, engineers, geologists or perhaps architects. generally, the terrific jobs are obtainable to those with grasp's tiers (interior the sciences) and numerous different years of adventure. Bachelor tiers in Civil/Environmental/Chemical Engineering additionally are aggressive. Employment may well be in inner maximum marketplace, regulatory businesses or in academia. you could anticipate to be interior the 'container' lots at first, then pass into project administration, if this is your aim. In any adventure, solid writing skills, interpersonal skills are as significant as your technical information. solid luck on your profession.

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