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i want to work with animals when im older as i am in year 10 now and starting to think about what (go below)?

i want to do i am definately sure i want to work with animal but i dont want to see creulty or blood, im ok with cleaning them up, feeding them etc. and i dont know where to get a job like that i love all animals and need help on where to go when it comes to getting a job

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    I'm actually a former zoo keeper =D. You'll see in my profile pic that's me with a tiger, lol. I worked for a small, local wildlife park/zoo, and it was the best job I've ever had in my life, I adored it. I got to do things like bottle raise african crested porcupines, capybara, coati, (those 3 I would take home with me as they needed fed every 2-4 hours depending on age. The porcupine slept in my bed with me, haha), wallabies, kangaroos, goats, zebu, deer, bison, and camels. I had the opportunity to work with and spend time with adult elk, bison, various cattle, tigers, snakes and reptiles, monkeys, was the time of my life! In my younger days I also worked at a couple stables and volunteered at a rescue stable.

    Anyway, work hard in school and focus on your sciences and maths so you can pursue biology in college. That'll just be your starting off point, you can then speak to your school and counselors etc about what classes you need to specialize in other things...primatology, orinthology, etymology, veterinary medicine, animal husbandry, zoo management, environmental sciences...the possibilities are endless, those are just a few examples.

    For now, to get a start with animals, you may have to wait a few years but start looking for local animal business...small zoos and wildlife parks (you'll have to judge for yourself if they're legitimate and taking good care of their animals), stables, shelters, vet offices, kennels, dog walkers, pet sitters, pet shops, lots of options out there, even without a degree. And if you can't find an actual job locally while you're young, you can volunteer for shelters and rescues, they can always use extra help! Anything to get you experience and give you something to put on your resume is fantastic! Not to mention while getting to work with animals you love!

    You'll want to talk to your middle and high school counselors to help them get you moving on the right educational path. Best of luck! Working with animals is a very rewarding career choice!

    Though one last say you don't wanna see cruelty or blood....possible injuries are all part of working with animals. And while it's very hard to look at, never close your eyes to cruelty. Not looking at it won't make it go away, and animal cruelty is a very serious, relevant issue, one that we all need to look in the face and do our best to fight while educating others about it.

    Edit: I just realized you said you were IN year 10, haha, thought you said you WERE 10. Now's def the time to get moving, speak to your school counselor to get help thinking about what schools you'd like to consider, as proper education and degree with make it much easier finding a job with a zoo, sanctuary, or wildlife park!

    Source(s): My own life, here's a crappy video of me at my park to prove it, as occasionally people don't believe me, lol, which is the reason I had made the video in the first place, someone calling me a liar XD.
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    Think about becoming a veterinarian. I know you don't want to see blood. But in 10-15 years, you might change your mind. I used to be squeamish when I was little. I would throw fits when I had to go get a shot from the doctor and now I love getting them and I want to be a nurse. So you never know. Being a veterinarian is rewarding work. I know lots of girls who had a passion for animals and also for helping people and they took nursing classes with me in high school and are now in college to be a veterinarian. They make a lot of money too. Start out by taking allied sciences in high school and try to take anatomy and physiology, as well as equestrian science (if your school offers it). Mine did. All the girls I went to school with really enjoyed it and they love working with animals. You really don't want to work in a pet shop. That's gross work and you'll probably only get minimum wage. You're young and will probably change your mind a thousand times on what you want to do. But if you really love animals, that's the best way to go.

    Source(s): nursing school, experience
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    well a pet shop? if you want to handle the smaller animals. Or even like a dogs or cats home. Or if you want something bigger than that then a job at a zoo caring for the bigger animals? I guess it's up to you what types of animals you aim to work with.

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    well zoology (study of animals and their behavior) could be good. or maybe a breeder, pet shop owner/worker. maybe even caretaker at a zoo. the possibilities are endless the real question you need to ask yourself is what about animals interests you the most? do you like studying them? or caring for them? and what types of animals do you like the most? figure out the details of what you want in a career then use them to guide you to a decision.

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    How about a zoo keeper, pet shop worker, groomer, kennel worker, think about what types of animals you want to work with the most, there are so many to choose from. Good luck! I also would love to work with animals! :)

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