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What do you think of this horse?

okay, I put up a lot of questions about horses and what you think of them, but now I really think this could be the one! A 15.1 hh Gelding, and I know most of the horses I put up are 13.2 hh but I think getting a 15.1 hh horse will last me longer, as I am growing. They say he has a great temperament and is easy to work with, obviously I will go and visit the horse before buying to check this out, but things seem good so far.It also says that it was a riding school pony and is suitable for beginner - intermediate.I would consider myself intermediate. What do you think of his conformation? I realise that the pictures aren't ideal, but if you can tell? And also, do you think i should get this horse?will 15.1 hh be too big? thanks

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    It's very difficult to tell much of anything about this horse from the photos, so a visit is a must. Be sure to question their motivation to sell and, of course, mount up and put him through his paces, and don't forget the vet check to ensure his health and soundness.

    As to his size. Obviously people outgrow pony-size mounts and nothing looks sillier than a full grown adult or large adolescent on a pony. Bot almost no one looks silly on a nice sized horse. So his size is a plus.

    Good luck. Hope he works out

    ADD: be a little extra cautious with this one. Good riding school horses are hard to come by. They are generally used up to the time they are too old or no longer sound physically AND mentally, so it is odd that they are selling him

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    I agree with Painted Pony above. Good school horses are very very hard to come by and usually sell for more money... I know here in the states they do.

    I would bring a vet with you when you first met the horse.

    People will say anything to make money. As far as telling you about the horse..need better pictures, esp. if you want confo critique.

    Just have your guard up, write down a list of questions to ask. Ask if they have any prior vet records and who the regular vet was that cared for this horse. At least you can call and ask them if there was any issues with this horse.

    The size of the horse should not matter if you know how to ride and keep your seat. I have seen 9 year olds take 16hh horses around barrels. It is the temperment and soundness of the horse and what you plan on doing with the horse that should be the issue.

    Good luck!

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    seems fine, but there's not enough info to really go on.

    get him vet checked for sure.

    some of these lesson horses may not be quite sound or suffer from some ailment (or not, you should just be careful)

    be sure to ride him in a plain snaffle bit (no twisted bits, shank bits) to be sure he is truly trained well.

    (some people say a horse "needs" a certain bit and that's code for "this horse isn't really well trained")

    if you can, take a trainer to evaluate the horse too.

    It's best to be cautious when you're going to buy a horse, because when you buy him, he's yours and some sellers will refuse to take him back once they have the money (some will lie and say they'll take him back, until you've actually bought the horse)

    good luck

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    As you said the picture is not ideal, so I have no idea of his conformation. Of course when you go to look at him you'll want to check him out good. Once you buy him you most likely cannot return him, so be careful. Ask for his owner (or whoever is showing you him) to ride him around for you to see how he looks from the ground. Then ride him yourself and see how you like it, it might be abit rough in the beginining, but just take your time and try in get in sync with the movements. Check out his conformation (I would, but I can't see much from the picture) and how easily he walks, trots, canters, and gallops.... Look for any limping or issues that might be causing him pain, and then be sure to check out his hooves for any issues (thrush, puss, nasty frog, or maybe rocks/nails embedded). If you know how to check a horses age by his teeth, than do that and be sure that the owner is truthful. Check out the entire body of the animal, eyes (discharge, puss, redness, swelling, or cloudiness), ears, mouth (sores, etc.), forelimbs, barrel, groin, hind limbs, and around the dock/tail area.

    So by now, I've probably overwhelmed you! If so I'm sorry, just be careful... You never know what you might find if you check the horse over all the way! Before you leave the yard, ask the owner about the horse's history, if it has ever had any problems that required treatment, and for vet records if he has them on hand. If you want to have a vet check the horse out, that would be best. But it isn't required! Also, 15h isn't very tall in a horse, so it'll depend on your height and how tall you want him to be. Be sure to check out that as well!

    Anyway, I hope this works out for you!


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    hi, like you said you're growing and 15.1hh really isn't as big as you think so it depends on the size of you, but horses and ponies can be quite a bit different. if it's your first pony/horse he sounds quite good because it says he has been in a riding school, and I know it's not all about looks but he does look gorgeous ;). and yeah I agree with other comments go and ride it once, if you like the feel of it take someone professional with you, your trainer or something. Never be scared to visit more than once. I hope all goes well for you. good luck. (:

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    Where I am from most horses sold as "happy hackers" are horses who are unsound but still slightly rideable. Or as long as you take it easy the horse wont go unsound "again"

    Its just that if a horse can jump or whatever they are normally sold as "great jumper" "super beginner competitive horse" "schoolmaster" in the title,even if they don't have a speck of actual talent. But "happy hacker" is a little suspicious. Although what are your intentions for this horse?

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    it's good that you are thinking ahead, but if you are still riding 13.2hh ponies, i think he will be too big. If you decide to buy him, if you had an accident you may lose your confidence with him. also there is a big difference between 13.2hh and 15.1hh, like the stride length and the obvious height difference.anyway, good luck ;) I hope you find the right one. also, if you do want something that will last you a while, I would get something more like 14.2hh.

    Source(s): lots of experience in finding the right horses for people
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    Any one who would comment on that horses conformation form that picture is living in fairy tale land! No mention of his age, he may be 20 years old! See him,see owner ride him and ride him yourself. Take someone with you who can read teeth and knows a lot about conformation.

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    There is very little information on this horse. I would call "Geraldine" and ask her/him about him and his past. Go visit him and bring a vet with you.

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