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will the iphone 4 support IOS 7 and will it have all the features that iphone 5 and ipad mini will have ?

iwas wondering because i have a 64gb iphone 4 and was wondering if it will support IOS 7

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    Nobody knows that at this moment. I doubt Apple knows this already.

    This will dependent on the feature set in iOS7 and weather the older phone can support that without a problem.

    Normally since the 3GS still support iOS6 you can expect that the 4 will still support iOS7 and the 3GS is dropped from the list of supported devices. But it will depend on how well the HW will handle the newer OS version.

    Please note even in the event that your older iPhone supports the newer iOS, there will likely be features in the newer version that are not supported. For instance Siri is not supported by all older models or the panorama-function for the camera.

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    I in my opinion evaluate this is desperate by skill of what quantity of money your keen to spend and for sure what your making plans on doing with it! Going to stay at domicile and examine the internet/watch video clips/play video games usually? IPad 4 is your respond. on the different hand in the journey that your going to journey lots and desire in spite of the fact that delicate and transportable - iPad Mini is what you ought to choose for. take care of in concepts the style you purchase too! in the journey that your now unlikely to go out with it lots you incredibly do no longer desire a 4G/3G style. memory length is likewise a key ingredient, do no longer purchase too much memory in the journey that your now unlikely to make the main of it!

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    7 years ago

    There is no iOS7 now. No one can answer your question.

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