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Holocaust Conspiracy Theories: Can someone explain?

People have conspiracy theories for everything, but I am wondering what the conspiracy is behind the Holocaust??

Do conspiracy theorists believe the Holocaust didn't happen at ALL, or they just believe that the death tally has been grossly exaggerated??

I mean, there are pictures of malnourished dead bodies stacked in wagons, so I don't see how you can completely deny the existence of the Holocaust, not to mention first-hand accounts of people who witnessed it first-hand.... not just Jewish survivors, but Germans who worked in these concentration camps.

Plus, there are the POW camps. My grandfather was a POW in Germany & was starved down to 80 pounds. So if they starved soldiers, it's reasonable to believe they starved people in the concentration camps also.

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    I wish I could, it baffles me also... my stock answer is "because some people don't like other people being bigger victims than they themselves are."

    To my knowledge there is no reward or prize offered for being a Holocaust victim anyone else could envy or want all for themselves.

    The motivation to denial escapes me.

    "So if they starved soldiers, it's reasonable to believe they starved people in the concentration camps also."

    It goes so much deeper than that...

    The Nuremburg Laws.

    Kristalnacht being another very public event.

    The Commissars Directive.


    Reprisals. Liquidation of Lidice. Warsaw.

    Euthenasia of the mentally disabled. Forced sterilization of the undesirable.

    Forced Labour.


    This atrocity was carried out by soldiers of the Der Führer Regiment of the 2nd Waffen-SS Panzer Division, Das Reich. On that day they killed a total of 642 men, women and children without giving any reasons for their actions and to this day there is no universally accepted explanation for the massacre.


    Approximately 77,000 German citizens were killed for one or another form of resistance by Special Courts, courts-martial, and the civil justice system. Many of these Germans had served in government, the military, or in civil positions, which enabled them to engage in subversion and conspiracy; in addition the Canadian historian Peter Hoffman counts unspecified "tens of thousands" in concentration camps who were either suspected or actually engaged in opposition.

    I concur, given factual evidence it seems denial is inane.

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    I have not learn ample about September 11 to form an opinion. As for the Kennedy homicide in Dallas, there could also be something fishy about it but frankly it is not possible for the usual advised character to inform. For my part, the Illuminati story is hogwash. Freemasonry was a strong proposal again in the early 1700s and a variety of agencies and clubs had been formed which imitated and in part imitated the Masons. That integrated the Bavarian Illuminati on the one hand and the Birmingham Lunar Society on the opposite. When you have now not heard of the Birmingham staff, seem them up. They incorporated James Watt, Joseph Priestley and Josiah Wedgwood. Even as one of the individuals of those many corporations may also were Masons, they weren't managed by Masonry. It should not have been practically viable given slow communications and so forth and these companies would clearly do what they cheerful. Even in these days the predominant Masonic resorts in most nations operate kind of independently. There's little doubt that the ideals of Freemasonry influenced the formation of the American Republic, however the recommendations of the Freemasons weren't these of the Illuminati and vice versa. Yes, there were things in customary, just as there things normal to Roman Catholicism, the Southern Baptist conference, Sikhism and Islam. All this has been without end pored over and what it comes right down to is this. Probably the most signatories of the announcement of Independence had been Freemasons and a few weren't. Whilst, King George IV was once more often than not a Freemason and it is targeted that the British Parliament had many Freemason contributors, and it was the Parliament the the american citizens were relatively fighting, no longer the King considering the fact that the Parliament of the UK has been the true government there ever for the reason that 1649 when it performed King Charles I for treason. Round 1804 if reminiscence serves, an alarmist record appeared in the United States declaring that there was once Illuminati affect within the nation. That file was read at the absolute best phases but I have no idea what, if any motion was once taken. Quick ahead to the Nineteen Seventies and two editors at Playboy magazine have been laughing at conspiracy idea letters they were getting. They were Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. They determined to write down a series of comedian-historic novels satirising these theories and they tipped into the comic mess the illuminati, aliens and what now not. I read one years ago and it seemed "actual" because it used to be stuffed with real folks from the 1700s and some real pursuits. But in the event you checked the data you soon discovered it used to be no longer. And that is what conspiracy theorists more often than not don't do. They do not examine the tips. It is no surprise that there are Masonic symbols right here and there in Washington and somewhere else. However you must take into account that a few of this symbolism pre-dated Freemasonry and was taken over by means of them. And it's a mistake to attribute "which means" to matters which have a resemblance to a few symbols. Frequently a triangle is simplest a triangle, now not a reference to a pyramid. Conspiracy theories are mainly centered on fraud. The fraud begins when anyone writes a e-book about some thing he has invented. It on the whole has a sequence of ordinarily recognized facts or "factoids" but the heart of the object is made up of lies. This may also be rewarding, certainly when you now have the internet to promote the booklet. Ideally the content material may not be too specific from another fabric so there may be cross-publicity. Then any one else jumps on the equal bandwagon, or the one following it and the object snowballs. The Bermuda triangle is a good instance. The media contains entrance page experiences a few boat with a dozen excursion makers going missing off the Florida coast. But the boat turns up a few days late might be off direction or possibly had engine problem. If that is mentioned, it does not make the entrance web page and more often than not on no account will get on the tv at all. When this occurs once or twice men and women get the impression that the area is unsafe. Then any one jumps in and writes a journal article inventing one of the vital small print when you consider that there may be now not enough fact. Then books start to come out. A television crew makes a fast and soiled documentary. Then all these "theories" begin to appear about magnetic anomalies, gas bubbles and heaven knows what to "give an explanation for" what's going down. However for those who go to the center of the subject, you to find that the vicinity is not any specific from any other popular boating areas and that a number of the said disappearances of ships, boats and planes didn't happen or occurred a long way away. In the case of the Bermuda Triangle, one of the vital ships went down within the Pacific Ocean, an additional off the coast of ireland and a third off the coast of Africa. Of some two dozen reported shipwrecks and so forth supposedly within the triangle, handiest three or 4 were absolutely in it. That is how a lot you could believe conspiracy theories.

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    People deny the holocaust do not do it after completing a research, they say it either because they heard it from someone they believe in, or because they have an agenda saying it.

    One of the factors that lead to the UN recognition of Israel as a sovereign country and the Jewish homeland, was due to their suffering in the holocaust, therefore, anti Israel individuals might try to deny the holocaust to de-legitimize Israel as the Jewish homeland, this might be one good example.

    Oh, I forgot to mention, that when someone says something with an agenda in mind, it doesn't always make sense.

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    People deny the Holocaust because they are,

    1 stupid

    2 politically motivated

    3 small children who believes it makes them look big

    4 all of the above.

    As an example of what they "believe"

    The "Leuchter report"

    Fred Leuchter was called as a witness in a Canadian court case to "prove" that the Holocaust never happened.

    His credentials were that he held a degree and was an expert in the design of Gas chambers of which he had designed several for the US Penal system for the execution of inmates.

    On further examination it would appear that Mr Leuchter had a degree (a poor one) in History. How this qualifies you as an engineer I am still not sure.

    People that he claimed to have worked on Gas chambers for the US Penal system are quoted here.

    Leucters report was based mainly on the lack of Cyanide compounds found in "scrapings" from the walls of the gas chambers.

    These scrapings were actually a single brick which he took from a gas chamber which had been in the open air for 45 years, ground up and then presented to the Institute for Forensice research at Krakow. The Institute found almost Zero Cyanidic compounds. Hydrogen cyanidic compounds exposed to weather have a half life of approximately 4 days. After 45 years it would be amazing if a SURFACE scraping showed any significant % of cyanide let alone a whole brick ground up into powder

    Once the institute realised exactly what it had been presented with it stated that its findings could not be considered accurate. It then conducted its own tests which are presented here.


    Source(s): 30+ years of WW2 research and a visit to KL Auschwitz
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    There are some people who deny it happened and some people who deny that there were a great numbers of people died in it. I have seen both.

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