What were the Chinese Troops doing in Mexico in 2010 to build them houses?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Here's an update on your 2010 announcement in March 2013, in the Monterrey to (Nuevo) Laredo area, if it's still visible. I tried to find out some information on another site, and it was downloading all kind of game sites onto the laptop; but now that I have included it at the end, it became safe...

  • 3 years ago

    When our leaders say bi-partisan these days you ought to take that with a grain of salt. These two parties are bitter towards eachother. They play these silly games. They every have explanations to now not give you a plan that might work. This warfare, at the same time it's claiming American lives every day not to mention costing taxpayers a fortune, is getting used to reap leverage. The Republicans would love for the democrats to cut funding to the army in an effort to stop the struggle since then they would say the democrats dont support the troops, and with democratic figureheads like John Kerry and his feedback late final yr, they will make a strong argument. The democrats alternatively will have manage of congress and without doubt the presidency after 2008. They be aware of that it might leave a foul style in peoples' mouths so far as the republicans go if this administration is remembered only for getting us into a warfare we couldnt win, in flip serving to the democrats keep power for years yet to come. They both have anything to reap by us not successful this warfare.

  • 7 years ago

    LOL. Or as we say in Mexico, jajaja. It never happened.

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