Froze when opening a program?

My problem is when I open a specific program my laptop froze and i have to force restart.

example: Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Skype. Half of my games on steam APB reloaded, CSGO, CS Source and my "Prt Scr" button. It's really annoying, I already scan my system for virus only a few minor warnings came out. When I switch to "Safe Mode" I can run any of the programs no problem. I already install/uninstall the programs and still the same. What seems to be the problem? any help you could give me...~

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  • 7 years ago
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    I belive you've found your answere.

    i've experianced this problem before.

    The two proceses GOOGLE CHROME and FIREFOX are incompatible with each other meaning if you have them both installed They will Interfier with each other causing a FROZE as you mentioned but in terms of work we call it a CTD - a windows crash winch cannot be prevented unless you remove eighter firefox or google chrome.

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  • 7 years ago

    In most of cases huge memory usage cause over heating of your motherboard. Please keep laptop over cooling fan stand.

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