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Is it time to drop Ike Davis?

This year I targeted Ike Davis as a potential sleeper. I felt that his ADP in this year's drafts was a little low given his numbers last year and his upside. I felt that being healthy this spring (he dealt with Valley Fever in the early part of last season) would lead to some improvement, particularly in terms of batting average. However as you all know by now, he's been a complete disaster. I did read an ESPN article two weeks ago pointing out how his numbers on May 15 last year were virtually identical to what he's done this year. This would seem to be a reason for optimism but unlike last year, Davis has no injury or illness to blame for his struggles. I'd hate to have to cut him lose given my expectations for him and the fact that I would hate myself should he start raking for someone else's team but I am running out of patience and I could really use another productive player to fill my team's various needs. Should I drop Davis or should I hold him for now? Is anyone else on my team droppable? Lucroy? Arenado? The guys I would most likely add are Michael Wacha (starting pitching is my strength but it couldn't hurt to reinforce it) or Joe Smith (could really use saves).

12 team Yahoo Roto league

Currently in 3rd place (70.5 pts)

R (4pts), HR (12pts), RBI (5.5 pts), SB (2pts), AVG (4 pts)

W (11 pts), SV (4pts), K (12 pts), ERA (7 pts), WHIP (9pts)

My Team

C- Carlos Santana

1B- Adrian Gonzalez

2B- Robinson Cano

3B- Kyle Seager

SS- Asdrubal Cabrera

OF- Michael Bourn

OF- Carlos Gomez

OF- Michael Brantley (I recently added him. I was stashing Ryan Madson but after his latest setback I cut him loose and moved Price to the DL spot. I felt this was a a good pickup as Brantley is a cheap source of runs and RBIs with a solid BA to boost.)

Util-Josh Willingham

Util- Andrelton Simmons

BN- Ike Davis

BN- Jonathan Lucroy

BN- Nolan Arenado

BN- J.P. Arencibia

SP- Madison Bumgarner

SP- Matt Cain

RP- Chris Perez

RP- Jose Valverde

P- Casey Janssen

P- Mike Minor

P- Anibal Sanchez

P- Lance Lynn

BN- Hyun-Jin Ryu

DL- David Price

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  • 7 years ago

    I don't know y you still holding on to davis I am in 16 team league and he still a free agent matt carpenter was the sleeper this year

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  • 7 years ago

    I dropped Ike weeks ago, and haven't looked back since

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