JRTC rotation before ETS?

I'm in the Army and my unit is scheduled to go to JRTC sometime between December 2013 and April 2014. I ETS in April of 2014. I would like to avoid going to this if possible, so I'm wondering if there's some rule of thumb regarding a minimum TIS remaining for you to go. Seems it would be a waste of training and resources on someone who's just getting out anyway. Last time we went to NTC, we had guys getting out in a few months just picking up trash and doing cleaning details at the RUBA. I know with deployments it's 60 days to out-process, ACAP, clear, etc.

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  • Brian
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    7 years ago
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    So you also know about stop-loss orders. If DA determines they need your MOS, that's it, unless you're REALLY chummy with a senior at HRC.

    JRTC isn't that bad, anyway. I was there for six years; granted, I was never BLUFOR but I stayed out in the box for the whole rotation.

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