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Autograph Miley and Tiffani amber thiessen?

I want autograph Miley Cyrus and Tiffani amber thiessen here my e mail thank you so much

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    To get an autograph from them follow these steps

    1. Get a big envelope

    2. Write their fan mail address on the envelope and write your address on the top left of the envelope

    3. Put a picture of the celebrity in the envelope

    4.. Put a self addressed envelope meaning put your address in the middle of the self addressed envelope and hers on the top left

    5. Put the self addressed envelope in the big envelope be sure it'll fit the picture

    6. Write a letter and ask for her autograph

    7. Put the letter in the envelope

    Here are their fan mail addresses

    Miley Cyrus

    ReignDeer Entertainment

    1100 Glendon Avenue

    Suite 1100

    Los Angeles, CA 90024

    Tiffani Thiessen

    c/o Tit4Tat Productions Inc

    11271 Ventura Blvd.

    Suite 439

    Studio City, CA 91604

    Hope you get a reply back good luck :)

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