Middle and last name for this character?

I'm writing a story. The main character is a fifteen year old girl named Adeline, but she goes by Chase. She's a tomboy(duh), and is in the foster care system. She is very intelligent, but this is shadowed by her trouble making side, her ADHD, and conduct disorder. She loves photography and always has a camera with her, and is often wearing rollerblades/skates/heeleys.

Any suggestions?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Adeline Marie Evans

    Adeline Nova Roberts

    Adeline June Calla

    Adeline Poppy Jakes

    Adeline Eva Millis

    Adeline Elliot Golding

    Adeline Iva Hough

    Adeline Mickayla Calais

    Adeline Oaklie Ryerson

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  • 7 years ago

    Adeline Petunia Bradford ( I can just imagine her being horrified by this as a tomboy. :P)

    Adeline Violet O'Keefe

    Adeline Ruby Houghton

    Adeline Rose Reidy

    Adeline Phyllis Logan

    Adeline Eliza Stevenson

    Adeline Laura Basile


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