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Question about Justin Timberlake?

So, I'm watching TeenNickTop10, and the song "Mirrors" is on by Justin Timberlake.

Ok, that old couple in the video, are they supposedt be the younger couple in the video? Like, the woman when she was young in the video, it looks like the elderly woman in the same video. Is that old woman supposed to be the woman when she was younger? Same with the man. Thanks!

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    It was a tribute to Justin's grandparents *you can see their names at the beginning of the video William & Sadie*, His grandfather died recently that's why his reflection wasn't there later on in the song. But it's pretty much how they met, got married, had a surprise pregnancy, etc. Part at 5:45 Justin takes their ring to symbolize him carrying on with his wife and them being each other's reflections, through the lyrics justin wrote "you're the inspiration of this precious song" , he was talking about his wife, Jessica Biel....saying that he will love her till he dies as his grandfather William did with grandmother Sadie

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    so whats your question?

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