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Do UTI tests show traces of marijuana?

I'm going to the doctors Wednesday and the last time I smoked (wasn't even that much) was last Thursday. I've only started smoking since the end of January and only do it one day on the weekends, and some weekends I don't even smoke. I'm getting an HPV shot too, that won't show anything will it? I may or may not be getting a UTI test. Most likely not, but who knows. Will traces of marijuana be found in my urine for the UTI test? If so, what will my doctor say? I'm 16 and have told her I don't smoke. And I MAY be smoking a little bit today. Is that safe? Any help is appreciated!

Also, even if I don't smoke today, will traces still be seen in my urine? If so, should I just go ahead and smoke anyways if it'll be found from today AND Thursday?

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    Never lie to your doctor, Never.

    If you are smoking pot or cigarettes, tell her. If you are sexually active, tell her.

    She needs accurate information in order to work with you to keep you healthy.

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    THC stays in the system for months. It is what you call a half life drug. After a month, half of the original amount of THC is still traceable. Then a month after that, half of the second amount is still in your system. This goes on until there is none left. Usually six months or less.

    With this in mind, if they are not looking for traces of weed in your urine, they will not find any. They are looking for a specific thing, urinary tract infection. They have no business looking for that. What you do is your business. And they are there to do their job. Plus, you cannot get into any trouble for doing it in the past; however, if you have weed on you, or anything used to smoke the drug, you can get into trouble.

    Your answer is no. They will not know if you have been smoking unless your parent requests the test to be done. (Very unlikely)

    Source(s): I have had two bladder infections, ouch. And I used to smoke weed.
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