current BPA situation in canned foods?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Currently, BPA is approved by the FDA, Health Canada and EFSA (Europe) for canned food contact.

    No current producers of infant formula cans use BPA any more, thus the FDA accepted the withdraw of th echemical for infant products.

    Many companies are changing their standrad food types due to political pressure however listing non BPA or BPA free becomes a legal issue based upon past production so few companies are actively labeling BPA free.

    If you are concerned about BPA, call the food supplier and ask.

    There are no asbolute feeding studies yet that show consuming BPA in the amounts that would leech from food cans causes any harm. There are studies on injection but much like mercury in tuna, you have to consume 100s of cans a day to reach levels through ingestion that have been proven to cause harm.

    Bottom line, cans are safe and low cost. Don't let them sit for years in your cupboard and don't eat more than a few dozen cans of food a day. Don't re-heat food in a can or microwave it.

    Most of the frenzy is driven by the media and lobbyists today.

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