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please translate

lung bases demonstrate bibasillar atelectasis

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    lung n. 名詞 [C]

    1 肺, 肺臟


    Smoking may affect your lungs. 抽煙會損壞肺部。

    bases (basis與base的複數)

    n. 名詞 [C]basis

    1.基礎, 根據; 準則[(+of/for)]


    The basis of her opinion is something she read in the magazine. 她意見的根據是從雜誌裡看來的。



    3.主要部分; 基本成分

    n. 名詞 [C]base

    1.基, 底, 基部[the S]


    The machine rests on a wide base of steel. 這機器由一個很大的鋼製底座支承。

    2.基礎; 基料[S1]


    3.基地, 總部


    Our company's base is in Taipei, but we have branches all over the island. 我們公司的總部在臺北, 但是全島都有分公司。

    The explorers set up a base at the foot of the mountain. 探險者們在山腳下建立了基地。

    4.基本部分, 主要成分


    5.【化】鹼; 鹽基





    8.【數】基數; 底邊[S1]


    Ordinary numbers use base 10, but most computers work to base 2. 普通的數目基數為十, 但是多數電腦的基數為二。

    vt. 及物動詞

    demonstrate 1.論證, 證明[+(that)]


    The lawyer demonstrated that the witness was lying. 律師證明證人在說謊。

    2.(用實驗, 實例等)說明, 教[+wh-]


    The doctor demonstrated the harmful effects of tobacco. 醫生用實例說明煙草的有害的影響。

    3.示範操作(產品), 展示


    The salesperson demonstrated a new washing machine. 推銷員示範操作新的洗衣機。

    4.顯示, 表露


    This fully demonstrates their willingness to cooperate. 這充分表明他們願意合作。

    bibasillar 我找不到它的名稱


    Bibasilar means this happens in the left and right bottom parts of the lung. It can be due to many things - most commonly obesity, taking small breaths, plugs of mucus, or medications that suppress the cough. Rarely, more serious conditions such as blood clots can present with bibasilar atelectasis.

    你如果看不懂你在打在補充那邊 我在幫你翻:))






    Symptoms of bibasilar atelectasis (這是症狀)

    ■Chronic or persistent bibasilar atelectasis may not cause any visible symptoms. However, it can slowly lead to development of dyspnea and weakness.

    ■Bibasilar atelectasis may also be accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, elevated shortness of breath, and lowered sounds of breathing

    Source(s): Dr.eye and google
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