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How long does marijuana stay in your system?

I'm not a regular smoker, but i started smoking about the end of january and do it only one day on the weekends, but it hasn't been every single weekend since then. maybe 3 months worth of weekends? i don't have a drug test coming up, but i am getting a shot on wednesday at the doctors, not a drug test shot, but will they see whats in the blood anyways? it's an HPV shot. and i may be getting a urine test for any traces of a UTI, but thats unlikely. will the marijuana still be in my system? how long will it remain in my system for someone who's only smoked maybe 20 times? and i don't even smoke that much. what happens if they do find traces of it in my blood, after i've told them i don't smoke? i'm 16, by the way. any info is appreciated!

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    I work for a company that does random drug testing. As a general rule, marijuana can be found in a person's system up to 30 days after use. It can be tested for in your hair for an even longer period.

    I doubt anyone will say much of anything if they somehow detect marijuana in your system. It needs to be tested for, after just doesn't pop up as a color in your urine or blood. I'm pretty sure, actually, that they should NOT be testing for it in any sort of voluntary, routine examination.

    An additional word if I may. Most of us went through a period of experimentation when it comes to alcohol and marijuana, and maybe even a few other things. But adults outgrow such diversions and concentrate on more important things in life. Please keep that in mind.

  • if it's not a drug test whatsoever, why are you so worried? I can tell you that the bigger you are (weight) the longer it stays in your system. but look it up. i believe it stays in your system for an average or 32 days. i could be wrong tho. very wrong. but that's just my estimate.

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    You really need to let your doctor know what you are doing. It is important that she know any and all drugs you are using as well as if you are sexually active. she is there to help.

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