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what were the reasons that led joan of arc to be canonized?

why is she a saint?

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    Investigations were performed and Joan was declared innocent on July 7, 1456. After that, she was on her way to being canonized.

    The first and often most difficult step is beatification. The promoters of the cause are asked to vouch for four authentic miracles in order to secure beatification. One miracle can be dispensed if the candidate has founded a religious order. In Joan’s case, the Pope granted dispensation because she had saved France. This seemed fair enough! So then, three approved miracles were necessary for Joan’s beatification. Three nuns, all living in France, received documented cures attributed to Joan of Arc’s intervention. These miracles were accepted as authentic.

    Once a person is beatified (or declared blessed), the faithful are allowed to venerate these individuals. However, this is not universally recognized and usually limited to the towns connected to the person.

    The next step, once beatification has been declared, is canonization. Two more miracles must be proven for canonization. Two such miracles were attributed to Joan of Arc which sealed her sainthood—a healing from tuberculosis and the healing of a hole in the sole of a woman’s foot.

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    Well, she technically led the French troops against England( I believe) in her late teens. The main reason she was given sainthood was because she was burned at the stake. This made the Catholic Church consider her a martyr for the Christian faith. I believe she was 19 when she was executed.

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    Sarah is correct, except that the she does not mention that the Catholic Church were the ones who burned her at the stake. They came to believe that she was actually hearing demons and not god. Many years later, they were pretty embarrassed about this. She may be the only martyr for the Catholic Church that was executed by the Catholic Church. Such irony.

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