Sword Art Online on Toonami? Thoughts and opinion?

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Good or bad idea?

Do you think Ao no Exorcist, Accel World, and/or maybe Fate/Zero will be on Toonami too?

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    7 years ago
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    I'm not surprised at all. I knew it would end up on Toonami eventually, just like I'm sure Attack on Titan will. My opinion on it is that it's a smart choice, it's going to bring in a ton of ratings. I'm not a fan of the show at all, but it is of course a good idea.

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  • 7 years ago

    @Sargonarhes, Toonami only runs on Saturday weekends so the show would last a good half a year and then some if they repeat or replay.

    To answer the question, I think it would be the best f*cking idea ever. I have yet to watch Accel World but I did read a good chunk of chapters. I loved all the other Anime's you have listed so I guess that does make me bias. I also loved Toonami as a kid so I'm glad they're getting something new to air and SAO wouldn't hurt. I'm sure it'll add to the Toonami and Anime fan base although my critic on Sword Art is that the floor jumps were rushed and there wasn't much action/grinding that you'd expect which can be good or bad but when the floor boss battles are supposed to be super epic I feel they can't skip that many floors and also that the ALO arc was ehhh...

    I think those other titles would be a great addition as well although Accel World and Sword Art Online are pretty similar to each other so I can't imagine them having both but who knows.

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  • 7 years ago

    I think it's a great idea. But I still think that if anime will revive itself in America, Toonami needs to come around 10 PM (like when people are not sleeping because some people work on Sunday or go to football games).

    But nevertheless, the general Toonami audience will be exposed to a decent anime (I disliked Kiroto and the ALO Arc though).

    I hope Accel World gets a chance instead of being only on Neon Alley because I think it's a better overall show than SAO. I think the other two shows will a good replacement for Thundercats and some other show.

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  • Lucid
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    7 years ago

    It's a decent show. I watched it in Japanese, and I'll definitely watch it on Toonami. I'd rather have Ao no Exorcist or Mirai Nikki though. Accel World would be nice to see too.

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  • 7 years ago

    Kind of short isn't it? Only 26 episodes, if they run it every day it will be over in around a month.

    It is a great show, not much to edit for Toonami. Though I wonder if there would be any changes. Cartoon Network can be funny sometimes.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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